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  1. Kentucky owns college basketball; Iowa St. primed

    Didn't see this posted. Some good pub...
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    Re: Most under rated band of all time

    Haven't read through this thread yet (I will), but I'm going to go ahead and assume Blind Melon hasn't been mentioned. They're considered a one-hit wonder, but 'Soup' is an absolutely delightful...
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    Bulk mulch delivery, Ankeny

    Anyone have recommendations for bulk mulch delivery in the Ankeny area? I usually buy 30-35 bags each spring, but I'd rather have a pile dumped in my driveway, depending on cost. Plus, we're...
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    Re: We'll Be Back Better Than Ever

    Morris is definitely not lacking in the toughness/cool-as-ice category, but I don't think he'll need to pick up any leadership slack. In fact, I don't think there will be much leadership "slack" to...
  5. Re: ***Offical ISU VS UCONN Postgame Thread***

    Very proud of this team. Bunch of fighters, and I had a blast this year.

    As for the game, I can't be the only one that thought missed gimmes at the rim were more critical than the missed FTs,...
  6. Re: *** Official Uconn vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Missed gimmes under the basket were more costly than FTs. The FTs were critical, but we missed as many or more gimmes, and they're worth twice as many points.
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    Car bodywork question

    Due to a somewhat annoying design flaw on my Nissan Altima, the rear quarter panels flare out enough in front of the rear wheels that the edges catch rocks/debris flung up by the front tires. This...
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    Re: Blum: Hilton South Returns

    "Iowa State has played 20 teams this season and has defeated all 20 at least once."

    VERY interesting nugget. Has this ever happened before? I'd be shocked if it has.
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    Re: Niang status for Saturday

    John Walters on radio: 6 stitches, no concussion.
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    FS: Single ticket for OSU

    234 row 4. Decent seat towards the front of the balcony, across from visitor bench. PM me very soon with an offer if you're interested.
  11. Re: WTB one ticket for today's Ok. State game

    PM me. May be looking to sell my single if I can find a pair elsewhere.
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    Re: Melvin another Technical

    While I feel that Ejim seems to be a bit more crotchety than normal, there was a time when refs would give the benefit of the doubt to a 4-year guy who has kept his nose clean like Ejim. Not sure...
  13. Re: Iowa State men's basketball team (as a whole)

    Disagree. It "impacted" the game, but I wouldn't say it turned the game. I think the game turned when, with a 1-point lead, Hogue went 0-3 from the line, including missing the front end of a 1-1.
  14. Re: Iowa State men's basketball team (as a whole)

    Can only speak for myself, but I'm certainly not freaking out. Expected a loss, but there was a W to be had with some better execution down the stretch. It makes the loss sting just a bit more than...
  15. Re: Iowa State men's basketball team (as a whole)

    Nice stat, but that doesn't change the fact that we crapped the bed when it mattered most (while KSU couldn't miss). Fred singled out FT shooting in his postgame, and for good reason.
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    Horny's Suns on ESPN now, 3Q

    Haven't had many opportunities to watch Hornacek's team this year, although I rarely go out of my way to watch NBA.
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    WTB: 2 tickets OSU @ ISU

    Looking for a couple of extra tickets. PM me if you have some available.
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    Re: ISU up to #15 in the AP

    #15 is about what I expected. Lackluster W at TCU. And the Texas win lost some luster after the Longhorns decided to send a bunch of no-talent body doubles to Lawrence for their big matchup against...
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    Re: A place to catch the WVU game in DC?

    Saw Elephant and Castle noted on the DC ISUAA site as a gamewatch location. Would they be able to a get a game on the Big 12 Network? Didn't know if there were some dish packages that could pull...
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    A place to catch the WVU game in DC?

    I'll be in DC for work Wednesday and looking for a place to catch the game, if possible. I'm staying at the Courtyard Washington between the Capital and Washington Navy Yard. Any place to catch the...
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