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    Re: Concrete slab cracking

    Did he mount the cement saw on his big Bobcat and drive on the concrete????? That is a joke and not a good one either..LOL

    One crack or a few cracks basically horizontal to each other = Meh, I...
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    Re: For the Dads of little girls.

    That was me 5 yrs ago. I now have a 14, 11 and 8 yr old girls. Enjoy the time you have because you are at the time when you still know everything in their eyes. When they start getting my girls...
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    Re: Lawn thread

    IMHO you are wasting your time putting crabgrass preventer down anytime soon. Even though grass can germinate when it gets above 50 degree soil temps in the top 4" of soil, crabgrass doesn't really...
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    Re: Uconn fan who knows the truth

    Add me to the list of Cyclone fans rooting for UCONN
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    Re: Cyclone Warning tshirts

    For those of you in Central Iowa, I know for a fact the Pro Image store in Valley West mall ordered at least 200 Friday that are supposed to be at that store Tuesday they said when I called them last...
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    Re: Fran Mccaffrey's Son has a Thyroid Tumor

    Cancer sucks balls....... I pray the tumor is not cancer, but sounds treatable if it is cancer.

    Lost my mother in law to breast cancer last October. Still dealing with that
    Friend of mine from...
  7. Thread: Hookah

    by Cyclonesrule91

    Re: Hookah

    Whoa...Call them Hookahs or whatever, but them are a lot different looking bongs then the guys on my floor used back in my college days. I am confused with what this is but not for sure if I want to...
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    Re: Ejim's T's Hurting Us

    If it wasn't for Kane grabbing Ejim later on in the half when Ejim's emotions got to him again, we would have found out how the Cyclones would have done without him when he got tossed because of his...
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    Re: Ejim's T's Hurting Us

    Wow, someone don't agree with your opinion so your best reply is S.T.F.U???? Lot of childish replies because some of us seem to think Ejim didn't help us in that part of his game last night.

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    Re: Melvin another Technical

    On the replay, it showed Ejim moving back and obviously flapping his jaw. Then he changed direction to get over in the guys grill a bit. The ref was right there so I'll assume it was legit. No...
  11. Re: *** Official Iowa State at Kansas State Game (Day) Thread ***

    We miss 5 FT's in a row when we were up 1 with 2 minutes left. Had we made them, as we should have, KSU is playing a totally different strategy as are we. We miss all 5 and next thing you know...
  12. Re: #4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15,17, 19, and 24 teams all with tough road games today

    Creighton down by 8 points with 2:05 remaining.
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    Re: Donating a Junk Car

    teen challenge is a great option.
  14. Re: Yet another excel question on table data

    Ok I made a bunch of lists so I could make my drop downs populate correctly. So no if I want to find a rate say in row "D" based on "County" (A), "Township" (B), and "Range" (C), what is the best...
  15. Re: Yet another excel question on table data

    Might take time to set up all the lists, but this might do the trick.
  16. Re: Yet another excel question on table data

    There are 100 counties in Iowa, most with 4 townships and 4 ranges so 16 different combinations in each county.

    I thought about using a unique list to come up with the 100 counties and naming the...
  17. Re: Yet another excel question on table data

    If I am correct at what you are asking on if 77N Township and 33W Range is specific to only Adair county then no. Township goes horizontal and Range goes vertical so they can be in multiple...
  18. Yet another excel question on table data

    I have Excel 2013 and have a question on how to get info from a table.

    I have a table that has all of Iowa counties and then has different rates for each county. Prior to this current year I used...
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    Re: Nancy has aged much better than Tanya

    Nancy Kerrigan is finer than frog's hair I tell ya
  20. Re: 2/20 Weather Thread - aka "it was supposed to be nice but now it's a GD blizzard"

    Freese-Notis was just on a audio feed I follow for work and he is saying 3-5" for the Des Moines area and the highest snowfall amounts will be in a thin band stretching from Carroll to the IA/MN/WI...
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