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    Re: Asking for your help...

    I put in $51. Up to $4706!
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    Re: Good for Bill Fennelly...

    Found it on twitter:

    Check out this post:
  3. Re: lifting the gas hose to get the last few drops

    I lift the handle after it stops but not to get the last few drops. I do it so those last few drops don't dribble onto my car's paint or onto my shoes. Gasoline is a pretty decent paint thinner so...
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    Re: 2 tickets vs Baylor bb

    PM Sent.
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    Re: Question for people who went to the game

    From others comments in this thead it sounds like you couldn't see the ISU section on tv but we did have a good amount of fans. It was nice to have beers during the game but as someone else said, the...
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    Re: Question for people who went to the game

    I agree w/ this. Makes you appreciate Hilton even more. The video board had terrible resolution, the stats were tough to figure out, they hardly ever had the correct players in the game on the center...
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    Re: Tickets on windshield

    Burned mine :smile:
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    Re: ****Official ISU/BYU Gameday Thread****

    And play some freaking defense!
  9. Re: Podcast: Abdelmassih/Fennelly on the 11-14 CF Radio Show

    Great show, Chris. Thanks for not dwelling on the FB team, can the season just end, please? I thought Billy and Matt were great on the show and we didn't have to hear a call from Cyclone Jerry :).
  10. Re: Wolverines Rivals thread about the game

    Lone Clone is a moron. That is all.
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    Re: Iowa State Basketball 2013-14 Reload

  12. Re: + Chrome + Chromecast = Pretty damn good

    I enjoy it for the nonconf Bball games as well as WBB and VB. You can sign up for 1 month to try it out. Think it's like $10.
  13. Re: + Chrome + Chromecast = Pretty damn good

    I'm just using laptop + HDMI but quality was great today!
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    Re: The difference then and now!

    My view is that KState is not very good but easily blew us out 41-7. Now, you could see individual effort from some players (James White running down that INT return, for example) but you cannot tell...
  15. Re: *** TCU @ Oklahoma State Game Thread ***

    Both teams are terrible today. TCU may have the worst receivers in the league. Lots of drops.
  16. FS: Re: FS: (2) Tickets for Iowa State vs Iowa

  17. FS: FS: (2) Tickets for Iowa State vs Iowa

    I have a wedding out of town so I'm selling (2) Tickets for Iowa State vs Iowa in Section 20, Row 10 + G6 Parking Pass. Will only sell to Cyclone Fans and can meet in Des Moines/Ames area this week....
  18. Re: I expect to see a lot of ISU gear in Urbandale tonight

    I would definitely not try to go to Ankeny tonight. My wife says people are getting there 3-4 hours early just to sit in the stands. I also hear Centennial is favored....but I suppose the talent will...
  19. Re: *** MARK YOUR CALENDARS - CF Kickoff Party, Aug. 24 @ Benchwarmers ***

    5 in our group. See you all tonight
  20. Feedback: Re: Let's chat about your preferences for site content

    Most ppl have probably figured this out but I just recently found the "Podcasts" App on my phone. Now all the podcasts download automatically to my phone for easy listening. Des Moines sports radio...
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