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    Re: WBB Cyclones Travel To Italy In August

    Great trip and good experience for our freshman. Will Maddie be ready by then? It is good to see the staff doing some new things. Maybe this will help our recruitment for 2015 and 2016. I too...
  2. Thread: Coaching Changes

    by 907CY

    Re: Coaching Changes

    It looks like Minnesota has narrowed it down to three.

    All three would be good hires.
  3. Re: Pioneer Press girls basketball player of year: Cyclone Bryanna Fernstrom

    Good article and it is going to lots of fun to watch her play for the Cyclones the next 4 years. She will be on campus in just over 60 days.
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    Re: Replacing Borton at Minny

    I think the final straw for Borton was the loss in the WNIT to South Dakota State. Whoever is the new hire will inherit a good team. You have Banham, a 6-5 post in Zahui, and several three star...
  5. Re: Twister Sister Summary - the season comes to an end with but a whimper...

    Let's move on. It was a treat watching the first 14 games and a heart breaker the rest of the way. Hal was the heart of this team and she will be missed. The future looks bright and that will have...
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    Re: Cold shooting ends Iowa State's season

    I totally agree with you. We had midrange shots but didn't take them instead passing out for yet another miss from behind the three point line. Is the Iowa State Way that everyone talks about NOT...
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    Re: Bryanna Fernstrom 2014 signee

    I was in the Twin Cities yesterday and got to watch Marshall defeat Fernstrom's Chisago Lakes team. Bry scored 25 points and had 18 rebounds. To her credit she was triple teamed most of the game. ...
  8. Thread: Emily Durr

    by 907CY

    Re: Emily Durr

    Durr's fellow recruit Bry Fernstrom had a big game to lift her Chisago Lake high school team into the state tournament. She scored 25 points, pulled down 8 rebounds, and had 6 blocks in that game. ...
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    Re: Good for Bill Fennelly... Originally Posted by twistedredbird

    What they should ask is why we...
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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - Thanks!

    Thanks, Cous., you did a great job this year with all the ups and downs of our season. See you in Oky City.
  11. Thread: ISU vs Baylor

    by 907CY

    Re: ISU vs Baylor

    T coming back would give us Fernstrom, Ricketts, Maddie, Jensen, Ellis, and T. to play the 4 and 5 spots. With all our guard depth, I really hope that BF will go ten deep in the rotation. Another...
  12. Re: Twister Sister Summary - ladies win scorathon in Jayhawk land

    Since you didn't mention her play, I thought I would. Hal got in foul trouble and was on the bench twice. Ellis came in and even though she gave away at least 7 inches in size played well against...
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    Re: Who replaces Hallie next year?

    Fernstrom is averaging over 20 ppg and 10 rpg this season. She will replace Hal only as to the position she plays. But, I think BF will again revamp the offense and you will see more emphasis on...
  14. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies endure another loss

    I know that Johnson can as I have seen her do it in her high school career and Moody does it once in awhile but then goes back to head down all out drives that either end in a missed layup or a foul....
  15. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies endure another loss

    The one thing that I noticed is that there is no mid range game. We either drive hard to the basket or we take the three. What about driving and stop and pop? It seems pointless to keep driving...
  16. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies lose first game to OSU

    I will agree that the officiating wasn't the best but you can't blame the loss on that. The team was tired from the get go and it showed. Even Hallie who seems never to get tired showed the strain...
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    Re: CFTV: Can the women win the Big 12?

    I agree with Tornado man that Baylor will win the conference title but I am not counting out Oklahoma either. If the Cyclones hit a night or nights where the three ball isn't falling, will we have...
  18. Re: Twister Sister Summary - All I Want for Christmas is...

    I am echoing Dryburn on several wishes.

    Continued winning and a great seed in the NCAA.

    Continued recruiting success for 2015.
  19. Re: Twister Sister Summary - All I Want for Christmas is...

    Thanks Cous for the ramblings from the southern border region and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.
  20. Re: WBB Bryanna Fernstrom - next year post signee

    Remember, along with Fernstrom that we have Claire Ricketts coming in from Texas. If Maddie comes back next year in good condition that would give us three post players along with Jensen and Ellis. ...
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