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    Re: I love coach Prohm

    His calling card is he can get his squad to blow any lead between the 6 minute and 90 second mark regardless of size. Call some junk defense for the last 5 min of the game or extra timeouts anything...
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    Re: Burton's minutes

    Burton is as good at rebounding as any of the other wings/power forwards we have. He is also bringing just a much offense. When he is scoring and hustling and rebounding like he was last night that...
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    Poll: NFL: Re: Relocation Predictions

    I don't think Davis wants to fight Jones on this one in TX. However he needs to return to a position with some leverage. Oakland is already sweetening up their deal after the vote yesterday. Davis...
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    Re: Burton and cook

    When you play 5 guys 96% of the game needed or not you will lose a bit of the team mentality. I hear a lot of team first talk but see a ton of lazy effort on the defensive end. If these guys want to...
  5. Re: *** Official Baylor vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Bench player coming in a drops 30 Phrom still yet to show balls or style or anything.
  6. Re: *** Official Baylor vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Steve Phrom ... AKA autopilot
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    Re: Substitutions and Rotations

    Easy Bawbie it's just the Internet. No need for name calling.

    It's Just discussion on isu basketball. The new uniform threads get pretty unexciting after awhile.
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    Re: Substitutions and Rotaions

    Call me what ever but this 7 man rotation with every starter playing 30+ minutes a game and no rebounding plan other than McKay gets all the rebounds is going to struggle with dog days of the big 12...
  9. Re: What is the peak for ISU's football program

    Beat Oklahoma 2 times in 5 years. That will be our peak. Should result in a 4th place finish in the league.
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    Re: Hilton sounded quiet/dead....

    Lots of families and real young cyclones supporters at the games on while students are on break. Just a fact of life it will be diffrent. Aaaaa seeepppeeeennnnnyyaaaaaaaaaa The Circle of Life! as...
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    Re: Substitutions and Rotaions

    Was not really talking down the stretch last 4 min or so but there were good chunks of the 2nd hald where they were just beating us because of fresh legs in the rebounding department. Burton and...
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    Substitutions and Rotations

    3 minutes to go in the 2nd half and the Clones have only had Burton and Cook in for one session for about 4 minutes. Why the long PT with no break in the 2nd half for the starts.

    Just does seem...
  13. Poll: Re: Observations from our win over the Cincinnati Meerkats

    The guys looked gasses in the 2nd half for a stretch. Tie that in with some poor 3 point shooting durring the same stretch and Bearcats were right back in it. The short rotation has be a bit...
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    Re: What do you all think of this guy?

    I'd be fine with it. Anything to give me hope next season.
  15. Re: COLUMN: Your Tuesday afternoon coaching search update

    My worry on some of the coaches here is they are running copy cat systems to schools already in the league. If we bring in a copy cat coach we will always be behind on scheme and recruits for that...
  16. Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    Peeps - the Cyclone football program has an identity crisis. The chrisis is we have no identitiy. I see people wanting us to be Oregon with Frost, or be Baylor with a Briles desiphle, ect.. The...
  17. Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    If you notice when they talk about coahes who are building programs. Every situation is a coach bringing a new offense or a new somthing to a league that has not seen that done yet. See Mike Leach,...
  18. Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    I think this needs to go one of two ways and each one brings in a guy with a chip on his shoulder. We bring in a young gun whos got his eyes set at the top of the mountain or we bring in the Vetran...
  19. Re: Internal Issues

    Staff was weak durring those years.
    Player turnover was high.
    Injuries were high.

    I think Paul's staff kind of fell apart after the initial staff had it first big turnover. When the staff...
  20. Re: Rhoads speaks on the Big 12 teleconference

    Paul noted in this article the struggles that were internal in 2013 and 2014. I think that is a players and coaching staff situation. Those are the problems that a HC has to take care of quickly. ...
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  • February 16, 2016
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