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    Re: More new coaches confirmed...

    I hope you're right. Sturdy did ok as playcaller, and as position coach. I'd like a few guys outside of the guys from coach's last gig, if they fit with CMC's guys. Any word on d coordinator?
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    Re: More new coaches confirmed...

    My guess on this is no. All of the old assistants except Ayeni and a few of the strength guys are all gone from the staff pictures on They've edited that page all day today adding the...
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    Re: Thank You Coach Paul Rhoads

    Easy to jump on the bandwagon when times are bad. I respect CPR for that Oklahoma State win, a number of wins over Iowa, bowl win, and 2 victories over Texas. Thanks, CPR, for being a Cyclone.
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    Re: You can win at Football at ISU

    Rhoads didn't find success easy at ISU, but he did at least beat Texas twice including a shutout, something no other Cyclone football coach can say. I still think we can win games. Time to build it...
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    Re: I'm Done with Vacations!!!

    If they take a knee on that series and win, is Rhoads still coach? If CW isn't on vacation, do we pull out a win in the Little Apple? Where's the $$$ coming from for the buyout?

    I'm for the...
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    Re: Texas Tech Game Attendance Prediction

    We had more than 30K back in the early 90's with Walden, when the team was consistently bad almost all the time. If the weather doesn't suck, there should be well north of 40K there. Not sure it...
  7. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: If Rhoads has future, he needs public backing from AD

    I disagree. You make the field goal and you're only down 1 score after playing like sh** most of the game. Momentum in a game like this is key. KU is a team that hadn't won a Big XII game either,...
  8. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: If Rhoads has future, he needs public backing from AD

    I'm as optimistic as the next guy, but that is a tall order. Maybe if there's an Ames blizzard that day?
  9. Re: I know Im in minority However Rhoads is my guy no matter what.

    I'm still with CPR, too, but darn, don't games like KU make that tough to say. I do see the improvement on offense, but given how poorly the line has been the last couple of years and how many...
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    Re: Creighton gettin' spanked by Baylor

    Did Steve Kerr use "It's like the Varsity playing the JV" or something to that effect in this game? That takes me back to the Johnny Orr team's game against Michigan years ago.
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    Re: Are we better off with FH than GM?

    Ironic that this post is bumped. GM and Creighton and FH with ISU in championship games at the same time. One wins and the other doesn't, and for once it is the right one for ISU fans. Still, with...
  12. Re: ***OFFICIAL Iowa State Big 12 Champions Thread***

    I never doubted that the guys would come back. I put 60 min on the treadmill in the second half to keep from throwing stuff at the screen when we'd come close and then give up a shot on the other...
  13. Thread: Triple double

    by InCytful

    Re: Triple double

    If they take care of business down the stretch they will be in the running for it. Need wins against the teams they should beat and a few against the remaining ranked teams, too.
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    Re: Key observation: Depth

    I'd like to see a few more guys get playing time, but the ones who did made the most of their time. Thomas, Long, and Morris all had their moments, just like the big 4 did.
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    Re: ISU OkSt Postgame

    I was hoping for 100 in this one. Good D after that bad turnover at the end of OT. Clutch plays from Naz Long off the bench. Finally a win in Eddie Sutton's house!
  16. Re: *** OFFICIAL #16 Iowa State at #19 Oklahoma St. Game(day) Thread ***

    Without Niang in 3 OT's they still find a way. Long with a clutch 3 and two free throws. Next man up...
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    Re: Marcus Smart is...

    I want a win like this one in Hilton that's on Sports Center all week long.
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    Re: Big 12 Overtime Curse Reversed tonight

    Nazzzz Longgggg for 333333 on Eddie Sutton Day!!!!!
  19. Re: NBC Sports Guy: Hey, are those Cyclones really any good?

    Every game is a challenge to be sure. This team won't dwell on the last success and let it detract from the next game. One game at a time... Maybe the team needs some incentive to go to OU and get...
  20. Thread: Johnny

    by InCytful

    Re: Johnny

    I saw Johnny coach against some great coaches and great teams in the early 90's at Hilton. Roy Williams, Billy Tubbs, Norm Stewart. His teams managed to beat some great teams. Being down there in...
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  • February 16, 2016
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