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  1. FS: Two KSU tix - Section O, R19, S30&31

    Asking face value - $65 each.

    Email me at if interested.
  2. Re: BYU fan here. Questions on and game thoughts.

    I can speak to the quality of I would expect a choppy or at least low quality video based on my experience and the complaints of others. It just started this year and has been...
  3. Re: Does the shuttle still run from KMART to the stadium??

    Not yet, but soon.:yes:
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    Re: hypothetical situation

    Iowa is an at-will employment state. You can be fired for any reason - good cause, bad cause or no cause at all - except for race, creed, and other federally protected groups.

    You can sue for...
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    Re: Landscape Rock

    I am in Ames and am need some landscaping rock. What do you have? Large or small, clean or dirty, river stone or granite, etc.
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    This was just on one of those morning shows

    this morning. Some expert basically said they are not worth it unless you are the type to your abuse your stuff. Laptops are an exception since they have a high rate of problems in the first 3...
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  • TV: ESPN
  • HOOPS: Iowa State vs. Texas
  • February 13, 2016
  • 07:30 PM