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    Re: WTB: Texas Tickets and parking pass

    I have two tickets in section 10 row 15 and parking pass... Pm if interested.
  2. Re: FS - 2 tickets ISU vs Iowa (section F row 12)

    bump, dropped the price
  3. FS - 2 tickets ISU vs Iowa (section F row 12)

    Got two tickets I need to sell as my dad won't be able to make it any more. Looking to get 270 for both (135 EA).
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    I have seen something mentioned about leath saying something by a couple posters that is giving them optimism, but can't find what it is he said?
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    Re: Official 2015 Hoiberg NBA Speculation Thread

    Also right out of that article, a quote from Jamie --

    It also comes amid renewed speculation that an NBA team could come calling for Hoiberg, who played in that league 10 years and was a front...
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    Re: NCAA Tickets for Des Moines

    Will someone post the website? I thought I was signed up for everything to get the email, but apparently not.
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    Re: Recruit Lists v2.0

    Looks pretty athletic!
  8. Re: 3 Baylor Tickets (section 7 row 4) plus C6 parking pass

    Parking pass has been sold. Will take 60 ea for the final 3 OBO.
  9. Re: 3 Baylor Tickets (section 7 row 4) plus C6 parking pass

    How does 75 each sound - face vale of 65, plus the C6 parking pass?
  10. 3 Baylor Tickets (section 7 row 4) plus C6 parking pass

    Taking best offer on 3 tix in section 7 row 4 along with a C6 parking pass. Please PM
  11. Ranking NCAA Tournament Coaches by Playing Career

    Interesting read!! What do you think?
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    Re: Oklahoma State Posters

    Someone feel free to clean-up and expand upon my blind 3 year old nieces work, definitely not my work.

  13. Re: OFFICIAL: Iowa State @ Oklahoma State Game(day) Thread

    Question for anyone else using ESPN3 on your xbox... Is anyone elses screen stretched out way too much for this game? I checked other games and the others look perfect, but go figure the one i want...
  14. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs. Kansas Game(day) Thread***

    I'm not really positive what I expected out of him, but Hoiberg said Clyburn was our BEST NBA talent when he was redshirted and Royce was on the team. I guess Royce may never see the court again, so...
  15. Re: Announcement coming: "Cyclones.TV is the real deal"

    I was really hoping for an announcement of something to the nature of being able to watch over xbox360, roku, instead of just hooking up your laptop to the tv. But that's not quite "strategic" so I...
  16. Question on flying ON the holiday (Christmas)

    Guys, got a quick random question and this is always the place I go... even when it has nothing to do with our cyclones. So I moved down to Florida after college because I was going to take the...
  17. Re: KSU and Bill Snyder agree to extend contract to 2022.

    LOL... that video was awesome, just reminded me of HOIBALL
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    Iowa Vs UNI Tv question

    Moving to Florida this past year I had to purchase the big 10 network so I could watch our game last week against the hawks, so I figured I would be able to see the iowa uni game too. When I checked...
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    Re: QB race still a mystery as fall camp concludes

    I guess yeah the system as a whole is the same, but it was obvious watching last year that we are 10 times better w/ the zone read with JB in there and im sure there are other things we do different...
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    Re: QB race still a mystery as fall camp concludes

    Is there a chance that the team and coaches have known who will be the starter for some time? I mean even if we have known who our starter would be for a few weeks now, why would we let it be public...
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  • February 13, 2016
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