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  1. Re: COLUMN: Annual NSD awards/recap for the casual fan

    Campbell has been here 3 months? Wasn't he hired in December? 2 months by my count.

    I agree with your thoughts on Park. I have a feeling he will start at some point in 2016 and not due to injury....
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    Re: WANTED: Nicknames For Matt Campbell

    Gotta have more Campbell
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    Re: Alaric Jackson to announce on Monday!

    Downgraded because he committed to Nebbie. They are not a good program. This is similar treatment ISU got on the recruiting trail. :wideeyed:
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    Re: "Mystery" JUCO QB is Jacob Park

    Iowa State actually had a decent OL last season. The QB play hid that with erratic passes, scrambling when there was not pressure and lack of pocket awareness. Rhoads said on the way out this was a...
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    Re: "Mystery" JUCO QB is Jacob Park

    I got both blasted and praised for saying this last year multiple times. We need to cool our engines on Lanning. There sees to be a lot of bias to him just because he is local. In actuality he...
  6. Re: A storm is brewing for Iowa State football (SI article)

    Don't count Catalina just yet. I think he will stay with us but we have some time before that is final.
  7. Re: CW back and forth with Jon Miller on twitter last night.....

    Isn't he like almost their all time leading 3 point shooter? They also beat Wichita St while they were missing 2 starters. Valentine missed their first game and was just back for the second game.
  8. Re: ***Official Star Wars Episode VII Thread*** (SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!)

    From strictly a viewing perspective one of my favorite scenes are the tie fighters silhouetted in front of the sun.
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    Re: Off Topic...Oklahoma and Kansas to BIG ?

    First, 16 team conferences won't happen. You won't see any teams relagated to a lower level you know why? They would have congressional support for not allowing that to happen. A huge can of worms...
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    Re: Off Topic...Oklahoma and Kansas to BIG ?

    OU does have a network and they bring in like $7 million annually from it.
  11. Re: Big 12 Allowed to Hold Championship Game Without Expansion

    This is absolutely correct and leaves the door open for 2 big 12 teams in the playoffs. A one loss OU not playinging in the championship game while a 1 loss or undefeated TCU beats KSU or WVU in the...
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    Re: This isn't CSPs fault, it's CFHs fault

    McKay doesn't just complain after he gets 'fouled'. he complains about everything. If he played as hard as he complains he would be an All-American.

    Nader is a total diva. Did you watch him in...
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    Re: Gottlieb: ISU done in race for Big 12

    I said after the Baylor game on Saturday that ISU is out of the Big 12 title race. The # of things that would need to go ISU's way now are pretty high. I think someone linked on this board a number...
  14. Re: Wall Street Journal lists what each college team is worth.

    Pretty impressive for ISU with the garbage product the last few years
  15. Re: Surprising (to me) takeaways on D after rewatching Baylor

    This makes me feel pretty good about comments I have made the last couple of games regarding Niang. I told my wife how he was getting torched against BU.

    I also made a comment on defensive help...
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    Re: 2nd Half What went wrong?

    I saw a tweet from Jim Brinson saying ISU was not mentally tough. I have a big issue with that. You do not win the amount of close games and have the big comebacks ISU has had over the last couple of...
  17. Thread: RELAX

    by twojman

    Re: RELAX

    Yikes...this is a team with a guy that can be the National Player of the year (Niang), one of the top PGs in the country (Morris) and a guy that is supposed to be a rim protector (McKay) and this is...
  18. Re: A message board that talks a lot about expansion

    In addition to this the way conference networks are set up SEC and Pac 12 would want ISU the same way B1G wanted Rutgers. This would be a new region with fresh viewers they can charge the full...
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Creeper or Secret Admirer?

    While I was in high school I came home from Cross Country practice and there was a note in my room, on my desk from a girl. The note said, "Congratulations on becoming Homecoming King. I will be at...
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    Re: What is the peak for ISU's football program

    Makes perfect sense, the schedule is tough because our team is bad. If the team was not as bad our schedule would be more manageable.
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