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    Re: Season in Gifs

    Sadly, so true
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    Re: Cyclone Alley

    Whoa, we need to leave the band out of it. Someone was really wanting to go to prom with the Kansas players last year. The Band Always Wins! - YouTube
  3. Re: ISU ticket sales (liberty bowl) affect future big12 bowls

    Still totally worth it, and would do it again.
  4. Re: Win a FREE ISU basketball shirt! (New CF sponsor.)

    Shirts look awesome! Loving the old school vibe. Good luck with the new business, and the blog looks great. Might think about eliminating some spacing, or fitting photos closer together. I know it...
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    Re: university village apartments

    UV is a good option especially if you are leaving Ames at the semester or wanting a one bedroom/ studio type space. You just don't have any apartment options if you don't want a roommate(s). But, its...
  6. Re: Linden, Wallace/Wilson. Frederiksen Court or Buchanan?

    Both Buchanan and Frederksen Court are great when you know people already since they are more apartment style housing. With that being said Freddy will give you the most opportunity to get to know...
  7. Re: ***Kansas vs Iowa State Round 3 Predictions***

    First time was luck, second time was cheating..... Third time is a charm. Iowa State brings it at Hilton South, ISU-78 KU-72
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    Re: dinner in KC? JJs or Fogo de Chao

    Longboard is north of the city and is our take on JJ's. Fogo is fine if you are in the plaza area but there are lots of great local stuff in that area as well.
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    Re: Band folks, an olive branch...good story

    Here is an article from a student: Gross: The band always wins - Iowa State Daily: Opinion

    And if you want to get up close and personal with the ISUCF'V'MB check out this video: Iowa State...
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  • HOOPS: Iowa State vs. Texas
  • February 13, 2016
  • 07:30 PM