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  1. Thread: BDJ!

    by Cyclonetrombone

    Re: BDJ!

    Sure seems to be a value at $61k... compared to some other guys on the team making 20 times as much money.
  2. Re: Recruiting talks and numbers leave we asking where are the subtractions??....

    Throw in an "I seen" and a maybe a "them there" and you have a the language everyone outside of Iowa believes we speak.

    Although maybe that was suppose to be an M which is just an upside down W...
  3. Re: Rapper B.o.B. says the Earth is flat...

    My favorite part was the tweet where he showed a map made by Gleason. At that point I wasn't sure if he was serious. He is either putting on one heck of a troll job or is an idiot.

    Yes B.O.B....
  4. Re: ESPN and other sports commentators that need to be sent to pasture.

    I don't watch Big 10 Football for a lot of reasons but there is a woman who calls their games frequently who is absolutely terrible.

    Anyone know who I am talking about? Routinely spouts crap...
  5. Re: You guys love to make fun of my Bears for attendance (which we totally deserve in

    Why go to the game when Waco has a top flight Fazoli's... same thing right?
  6. Re: Cyclone Fans are a HUGE selling point here at Iowa State

    There are a few phrases I was hoping to not hear again

    Pack the Jack

    that one is right up near the top as far as slogans that make me cringe.

    That said: Good post overall.

    I doubt...
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    Re: Rhoads Staff

    I think this is going to make recruiting Iowa harder for him... I mean... for reasons and stuff
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    Re: WrestleStat Rankings for 1/5/2016

    II'm mixed at Cortez (133) being ranked where he is. Yes, undefeated but aside from Conoway he hasn't wrestled anyone. Alexander doesn't qualify as anyone because I really think he's been overrated...
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    Re: New Commit

    Must not be Amish... in re-reading the name I believe it should be read A-Mish-Cyclone...

    Not sure what a Mish is but it apparently can use smartphone tech.
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    Re: Big 12 Embarrassing

    Someone's been watching Netflix...
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    Re: New To WWE

    One note to add. If you're concerned about questionable content I'd avoid the WWE network unless it is only something that is going to be watched with you. A majority of the stuff on there isn't...
  12. Re: I'll bet they don't play new year's eve again ...

    I can't believe Oklahoma had such a crappy season that they could even play in a post New Year's game. :psmile:
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    Re: Appreciation for Allen Lazard

    This exact type of post is what baffles me. How someone is baffled by this is what baffles me.

    1) We are in a state with no professional athletic anything.
    2) A majority of ISU fans for the...
  14. Re: MUST-READ: Pete Thamel on the future of the Big 12

    Neither is likely to happen. However, the bold statement is something that always seems like people trying to push an idea (one that is stupid). The result of this would be 40 of the top teams and...
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    Re: Is Sutton in?

    What if he applied and was rejected... that would be an awkward conversation with an offer for a scholarship on the table.
  16. Re: Chris Williams has never seen Star Wars (video)

    One of my close friends from high school (circa 2002ish) had never seen Star Wars, Jaws, or the Lion King.

    Add to that, he has yet to watch any of the LOTR movies.

    That person exists... and...
  17. Re: One killed in Hit and Run near campus this AM

    This is an awful situation and I do feel for the family.

    I remember the ISU PD doing this dumb chicken crossing the road thing when I was there. They had someone in a chicken costume randomly...
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    Re: Rhoads Staff

    With all these coaching changes happening this season I would doubt they all get iced out. Heck, Toledo is going to need several and I'd guess North Texas would be in the same boat. I'd guess...
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    Re: Randy Peterson tripped on a TV cable...

    Quick, someone come up with an irrelevant and stupid question to ask Randy...
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    Re: Chris Ash to Rutgers
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  • February 13, 2016
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