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    Re: Win $100 TONIGHT from!

    73-71 ISU
  2. Re: Win $1,000 on the ISU/KU game tomorrow night from

    ISU - 87
    KU - 85
    Leading scorer - Naz with 21
  3. Re: Win ISU football shirts & a Pendleton blanket! (CF sponsor Kagavi's final contest

    Very cool blanket! Its a little pricey for me though, hope I can win it :)
  4. Re: Week 1 HS FB. Annual "Who do you cheer for" thread

    I'm surprised by the amount of love for the MAC in this thread! Always cheer for North Scott, where I graduated.
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    Re: Equipment Sale

    Husband and I are going to check this out today. Does anyone know if they accept debit/credit cards, or cash only? Its probably a fairly safe assumption that they'll take cards but we wanted to...
  6. Re: Where to get metal ISU yard sign with last name?

    We saw this company at the Ankeny farmers market earlier this summer. They had some really neat ISU stuff and said they do a lot of custom work. They're located in Winterset:
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    Re: Custom cut blinds

    When we moved into our house about a year ago, we got quotes from home depot too. We also looked at and it was about a quarter to half the price of home depot (I think home depot...
  8. Re: Monday Musings: I'm shaving my head and asking for your support

    What a fantastic cause! Donated.

    This seemed like a good time for my first post!
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  • TV: ESPN
  • HOOPS: Iowa State vs. Texas
  • February 13, 2016
  • 07:30 PM