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    Re: Nader/To Shoot or Not to Shoot

    Is it a 3? Dont shoot
    Is it a 2? Shoot
  2. Re: CFP Semifinal / Orange Bowl - #4 OU vs #1 Clemson

    So your football fanship hinges on money? Yuck, you must be an accountant or a just the most boring person ever. Once agian yuck, you should rethink your world view. Shame....shame
  3. Re: CFP Semifinal / Organge Bowl - #4 OU vs #1 Clemson

    They're playing a team that they can't just overpower at the line and out talent. Classic OK, pound those lesser, talk trash like they own the world, then **** their pants every time a team doesn't...
  4. Re: Smartest/Dumbest financial decision you've made

    Best financial decision: marrying a frugal wife that also pulls in a nice paycheck.

    I don't have a worst but I am reminded of a great quote from a friend of mine that went through a messy divorce...
  5. Re: ***Official Star Wars Episode VII Thread*** (SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!)

    Rey is either Luke or Leias kid. All the movies have cenetered around a Skywalker. Unless Kenobis ghost can get chicks prego, I doubt it was him.

    Rey was a great character but like all the...
  6. Re: ***Official Star Wars Episode VII Thread*** (SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!)

    People raved about the new Mad Max movie. I saw it and thought it was the dumbest piece of garbage I'd seen in years. Like it was created and directed by Vince Mcmahon dumb.

    I saw Star Wars...
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    Re: Friday OT #1 - Travel Time

    Trip to Thailand with my wife. Amazing scenery, beaches, people and food. If it wasn't a 17 hour flight away, I'd go there all the time.
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    Re: Friday OT #3 - Nostalgia

    The smell of silage when I go back to my parents house always flashes me back to my childhood.

    The smell of hog confinement pits reminds me why every job I've had since leaving home is easier...
  9. Re: Anyone else rooting for Nebraska for the first time ever?

    I'm hoping for the scenario where Iowa goes to the playoff and gets beat 50-0. So go Iowa, **** Nebraska
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    Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    Ndsu coach
  11. Thread: Steve Jobs

    by mcblogerson

    Re: Steve Jobs

    Because a movie about making computers is the most boring idea ever. I like my phone but you'd have to pay me to watch a movie about how it was designed.
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    Re: Reddit Star Wars Theory: Jar Jar Binks

    Except JJB basically disappeared in EP 2&3. So if he was a Sith Lord there would have been more storyline involving him regardless of fan hatred. The fact his character was so diminished just proves...
  13. Re: Hoiberg v Lebron Tonight (First regular season game as HC for Hoiberg)

    Hoiball and the Bulls seemed to work pretty well for the first game. I'm guessing they'll end up a top 3 seed in the East. Which is great except for Rose won't last until the playoffs and they'll...
  14. Re: Besides the "I'm so proud...", how will CPR be remembered?

    As the guy who coached aggressively for a few years then did a 180 and turned into a Kirk Ferentz that can't develop or recruit good players.

    Or maybe just the former DC that has run on of the...
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    Re: Why no Lanning

    Once were eliminated from bowl contention, Lanning should be getting more playing time. So right around Nov 14 or 21 if we happen to beat TX or TT.
  16. Re: This probably won't be popular but ISU needs to drop the Iowa game

    Dropping one of the easiest wins on our schedule isn't the answer to bowl games. Dropping the top half of our conference or just not sucking **** at football is the way to go to bowl games.

  17. Re: What did Iowa change defensively in the 2nd half?

    We stopped running the ball and Iowas D line started stunting. The Oline couldn't pick it up, and we never made them pay by running at the stunt. They basically only rushed 4 then would switch their...
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    Re: Coaching Prospects

    So we should get a really good coach from somewhere else who wants to take over a bottom feeding program and make it great? Give us your list of unicorns, so we can judge you.
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    Re: Coaching Prospects

    The former or current NDSU coaches, whose names I don't know. Slow the game down and keep the other offense on the sideline, just like Bill Snyder has been doing with the same level of talent we can...
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    Re: Lack of crowd noise?

    The fans will be loud when we don't expect to lose.
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