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  1. Re: When was the last time there was this much excitement in football recruiting?

    after beating the #2 team in the nation, and becoming bowl eligible for a 3rd year in 4. Everything else has been down hill since then, especially that bowl game( the beginning of the end), with...
  2. Re: Anyone else rooting for Nebraska for the first time ever?

  3. Re: Anyone else rooting for Nebraska for the first time ever?

    Wish they could still tie, wouldn't that muff up both of their seasons. that would have been a perfect ending
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    Re: What was the beginning of the end?

    i would say 2-4 recruiting classes for him. they were horribly ranked nationally (even for ISU level). especially the current senior class that there are like 15 player if that left. losing the 3...
  5. Re: First Offensive Play: What will we actually see?

    Our running back getting hit as Richardson hands the ball to him 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Setting the tone that we still can't get a push with our O-Line up front even against FCS...
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    Re: First Offensive Play: What you want to see

    This! hands down
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    Re: Are there 5 wins left on the schedule?

    we lets see, start with baylor since that is the next game and the score is 0-0 at this time. not worried about the next 8 games afterwards, just the next one. i remember beating baylor 2 yrs ago...
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    Re: Attendance Prediction: Baylor

    Our attendance continues to impress me, if the weather is nice, i say it's full. the crowd for the K-state game, which K-state brought a lot less fans then NDSU, and it was following the most...
  9. Re: ***OFFICIAL Iowa State VS Tulsa prediction thread ***

    I could see this happening, especially if he looks as hurt as he was against Iowa. I almost hope Rohach does not do great just to avoid a jantz/barnnett predictiment for the next 3 years.
  10. Re: Friday OT - The worst Hawk fan you ever knew/met

    No your story is funny, the guy behind me was a ***hole.
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    Re: Iowa State/ Iowa Tailgating Menu

    frying a turkey in honor of hawks around the state, closest thing to a hawk we figured we could legally eat. devilled eggs, potatoe salad. Lots of Beer!!
  12. Re: Friday OT - The worst Hawk fan you ever knew/met

    Guy sitting behind me at last years game (maybe not the worst but the freshest in my mind, worst cuts a wide path with iowa fans). he has his 6 or 7 year old son with him, sitting bascially in the...
  13. Re: Last minute of game under review by Big 12....

    This, they review every game played to rate the refereeing, just using the comment to save face since even ESPN said it was bad. i doubt they even get a slap on the wrist
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    Re: Baylor Predictions

    I unfortunately agree, my confidence on the road is all but dissolved. I'll be watching and cheering at the TV but pretty sure that won't bring Hilton to Waco and that is the only way I would have...
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    Re: New helmet-to-helmet rule...

    Yes everyone, there would be reviews according to the article. i think this is a bad idea, i'm fine with personal foul call in this situation, but ejection is a little severe. imagine having Knott...
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    Re: Favorite toy from your childhood

    #1 the original Atari (dominated River Raid)

    #2 Original playstation bought in college ( my nephews call it a PS1, i said it never had a number because it was the only one at the time. I remember...
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    Re: Season ticket record broken!

    All i know is last week sure looked a lot different then the games i went to as a kid during the Walden era, or when I was a student during the McCarney era. makes me almost emotional to look around...
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    Re: Concerns heading into Iowa Game

    Play from off and def lines, we need to establish a run and contain theirs to have a good chance of winning. not sure after last week either will happen unless greatly improved on which is possible....
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    Re: Ubben weighs in on the Big XII.....

    I heard that also, just can't believe that there wasn't a single team out there willing to play OSU that was a little tougher opponent than this. Maybe not though.
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    Re: Iowa State vs. Iowa position comparison

    I was on suicide watch after saturday but reading articles on Northern Illinois potentially having the best defense in the country makes me feel a little better.

    They must just believe...
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  • February 13, 2016
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