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    Re: BLOG: These stats might shock you

    B12 is up this year and isn't help our overall record. Having to scratch and claw, even against the bottom B12 teams, takes its toll on a team over the course of the year. 15+ point victories in the...
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    Re: McKay can play

    I think it would be a huge boost for him to come off the bench. Let Burton continue his solid play and about 5 minutes into the game, get McKay in -- the crowd will go nuts and should provide a big...
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    Re: This team does a lot of dumb stuff.

    He played a great offensive game, but is defense is horrid. He forgot to box-out on multiple occasions and also contributed 3 and1's with a ticky tack foul.
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    Close Game Woes

    It felt like we have been losing most of our close games this year, as opposed to years past. I went through our schedule during Freddy's tenure, to compare to this season.

    To keep it simple I...
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    Re: A 30' bank shot

    Niang's missed 1 and 1, followed by missed goal tend call, followed by 30' bank shot, followed by intentional foul, followed by a jacked up 3 with 7 seconds left to play.... For a team full of...
  6. Re: The best line up is MM, MT, GN, then Burton and Nader

    This lineup was playing together for part of our 25-10 run the first half. It was also the lineup when we went from down 4 to up 3 in the second half.
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    Re: Burton's minutes

    This is the key. Last year Mckay was a rim protector, not this year. And I don't think Nader even knows what help side defense is. The only person that helps is MT -- unfortunately, he is usually...
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    Re: Impression of Coach Prohm thus far?

    I think you're confusing Nader's baseline defense with Burton's...
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    Re: Impression of Coach Prohm thus far?

    Burton was in the game when we went on our 25-10 run the first half. Burton was also in the game late in the second half when we went from down 4, to leading by 3...

    Watch video of William's...
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    Re: Impression of Coach Prohm thus far?

    I think his biggest problem/challenge is dealing with egos. These are not his guys, so he walks a fine line in regards to challenging them vs. hurting their feelings.

    For example, McKay gets...
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    Re: Traveling calls last week end

    This was more frustrating than the travel calls. Niang had two that were blatant flops -- the second was when the guy started falling backwards, before contact, and still got the call.
  12. Poll: Re: Observations from our Loss to the Texas Automated Teller Machines

    How come, "McKay standing under the hoop watching House dunk 6 times" wasn't an option?
  13. Re: Who's the best player in the State of Iowa...

    He is trying to justify a loss to a top 20 team by stating how "talented" their entire team is.
  14. Re: Who's the best player in the State of Iowa...

    Outside of a couple games this year, Trimble has not been impressive.

    Those were two overrated top ten teams playing last night. And don't give me the "B10 plays good defense" argument.
  15. Re: McKay availability against the Aggies.

    McKay needs all the rest he can get. Mr. Goggles is going make him work.
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    Re: Hollywood Higgins

    I thought I remember someone stating he had a daughter than attended ISU, which is why at times he seemed to over compensate by making his 50/50 calls go against ISU. I could be wrong.
  17. Re: SOURCE: Jameel McKay's knee is structurally sound

    I can't speak for the others, but I think if taking a day or two off would help anyone on this team, now would be the time to do it.

    Losing to a #5 team wont hurt ISU. But losing, or worsening a...
  18. Re: SOURCE: Jameel McKay's knee is structurally sound

    The players/coaches are not worried about NCAA Seedings right now -- that is for the fans and analysts to discuss. This team is focused on winning a B12 Conference Title, followed by a B12 Tourney...
  19. Re: Who's the best player in the State of Iowa...

    fake "fan" post followed with a "poor me" post.... you're new at this trolling thing, aren't you?
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    Re: Defense Destroyed Kansas

    Wrong. The last 10 minutes Burton got in there and stopped penetration. There were two or three possessions in a row that Mason took it to the rim and ran into a brick wall (Burton) and turned the...
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