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    Re: More new coaches confirmed...

    The more in house recruiter you have to sell ISU the better, the fact that he is bringing so many of his guys is somewhat concerning to level of being able to recruit to the Big12 level......but...
  2. Re: Solomon Young Visits ISU this Weekend (8/28-8/30)

    Need to look at all options at this point!
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    Re: BREAKING: Prohm notches first commitment

    My thoughts exactly!
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    MLB: Re: ***Chicago Cubs 2015 Season***

    Cub fans will be taking over Target Field...Perfect way to spend my fathers day! Cubs game with my son!
  5. Re: Log Jam forming in spots 2 through 6 in Standings

    Take care of business....WIN OUT and not worry about it!
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    Re: New McKay Article

    He will continue to improve, but he has to hold onto the ball and not dribble it off his knee....I could see major improvement next year after another summer with Niang, now that they know how to...
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    MLB: Re: Chicago Cubs Offseason Hot Stove

    Now it needs to translate into wins!
  8. Re: If you aren't already confident about this weekend

    TCU will not be a pushover....We need to play a full game!
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    Poll: Re: Getting 'the snip'?

    i had it done and wasnt a big deal, few days on the couch with some peas and didnt even know i had a part is you have to have so many releases in a certain period of time and then...
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    Re: TV in Cedar Rapids

    682-1 on directv!
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    Re: Free: 3 hillside for KU

    do you still have the tickets?
  12. Re: Cubs' Theriot told to work on 2nd base

    I would be ok with the Cubs getting Tejada for a 1 year deal that is heavy on incentives. He can still hit, might not have the range for SS but i would like the bat.
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    MLB: Re: Cubs sign Marlon Byrd

    Why do the Cubs always sign players coming off a career year? Why cant they develop someone and lose them because they cant afford to pay them because they had a career year!?
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    Re: Try and think of it like this...

    go 4 -0 and beat duke and then we will all be on the high horse again!!! We need to get tougher
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    Re: Changing up the line up

    DG needs to not be chucking up 3's he is not a shooter, we do better when he is dishing the ball around, I like colvin on the floor because he makes tough passes. Why cant we rebound? box out and...
  16. Re: When Pigs Fly, ISU helps Iowa to BCS.....

    It will never be a good place to be if Iowa is on the top.......they tend to foget all the years that ISU beat Iowa and those years in which ISU should have won the North, but didnt. Iowa has a...
  17. Re: When Pigs Fly, ISU helps Iowa to BCS.....

    Sorry the 95% majority of Iowa fans think they are Number 1!!!
  18. Re: When Pigs Fly, ISU helps Iowa to BCS.....

    the sad thing is that all iowa fans think they are the number one team in the country and should be playing for the NC, i have people tell me at work that if ISU can make it to the Big 12...
  19. Re: Well, that's one way to torque off Iowa State fans...

    it is what it is, it is like that on game day as well and the sunday paper, the hawks get the front page and a couple more full color pages in the middle and isu gets a little blirb on the front and...
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    Re: Big 12 Basketball Pre-Season Picks

    we will go as far as our guard and 3 point scoring takes us. Every team will try to stop CB and make the other guys beat them, if we can make 7 3pters a game that will open up the inside, we know...
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  • TV: ESPN
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  • February 13, 2016
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