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  1. Re: *** #14 IOWA STATE vs Texas Tech Game(day) Thread ***

    At least i can say with much conviction that both this team and our fanbase are bi-polar. Seems some cant handle the ups and downs of a season. Do we look great right now? Certainly not. Is the NCAAs...
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    Re: In State Recruiting - 2017

    So basically we are going to picking from a bunch of leftovers again instate?
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    Re: Matt Campbell "Grind to Greatness" video

    Absolutely horrible video. Not all publicity is good publicity. And that coaching record/stat sheet/whatever it's called is even more open to ridicule. I believe we were all laughing at Tim Brewster...
  4. Re: JEFF WOODY: Characteristics the next coach needs to have

    I disagree on the 'players coach'. Seems a short term revolt for long term results would be far better than having the players being in charge of the team.
  5. Re: Who is the ****** wearing an Iowa shirt at the game?

    So,it is the winner, r-**** is the bad word
  6. Who is the ****** wearing an Iowa shirt at the game?

    Just panned to him going to commercial. The people around him should beat his ***
  7. Re: What recruits are visiting this weekend?

    Why would any kid commit to this dumpster fire if they have other quality offers. CPR is on thin ice and should he be retained, wil probably be fired after next year barring some unforeseen miracle....
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    Re: $14 Tix For OSU

    You can get tickets for 9 bucks on stubhub currently. To compare, the cheapest ticket to the Iowa - Minnesota game Saturday night is currently listed at $175.
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    Re: Not Enough for the Haters

    Jumping back on the bandwagon because we beat a 3-5 Texas team? No thank you. Paul needs to go if he doesn't make a bowl game, same thing I've said all year.
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    Re: CPR and 32-2 . . .

    if JP stays put and keeps this Staffa round next year attendance will get ugly. I usually attend 1 home and 1 away game (Cut me some slack, I live half a country away) but if CPR is roaming the...
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    Re: Looks like we may be a lock for #1 SOS

    Riddle me this, where would Wisconsin, Pitt, and Northwestern be ranked had Iowa lost to them. My guesses:

    Pitt (7-0) 12
    Wisconsin (7-1, only loss to Alabama) 9
    Northwestern (7-1, loss @...
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    Re: CPR and 32-2 . . .

    you must not have looked at Ok States schedule this year. They look even weaker than Iowa. Neither looks like a top 10/15 team based on my eyeball test. Hopefully Iowa does what Iowa historically...
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    Re: Jamie Pollard trolling Baylor

    And fans like you are the reason other fanbases think Our fans are jackasses. We care about Iowa... IOWA!!! The one team we base our year on, most teams accross the country could give two ***** less...
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    Re: Jamie Pollard trolling Baylor

    Some of us are growing tired of his teenage antics. The billboards, trolling teams on twitter, crying about officiating, and just being an all around ***** can only last so long. Early in his career...
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    Re: Jamie Pollard trolling Baylor

    Jaime is starting to act like a 12 year old. He needs to button it up and act professional or he needs to be shown the door. He is becoming an embarrassment to the university and that is NOT how I...
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    Re: If you could ask Rhoads 1 question...

    what he said
  17. Re: ***Official TCU vs Iowa State Gameday Thread***

    90ish today in NOLA. If it flipped to 50 I probably wouldn't leave the house
  18. Re: ***Official TCU vs Iowa State Gameday Thread***

    And this coaching staff decided to wait till now to try this? Seems 18 for TCU is getting picked on a ton. Looks like we have a good 8 inches on him every play. Keep it up!
  19. Re: ***Official TCU vs Iowa State Gameday Thread***

    Did we figure out something this week on offense or is the TCU defense absolutely horrible?
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    Re: Mike Leach

    I'd take Leach. He would bring an exciting offense and would certainly recruit a different type of player we are used to, I wonder if he would be able to get those players to come here.
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