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  1. Re: *** #3 Kansas vs #19 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Bill Self likes to take highways instead of the interstate.
  2. Re: *** #3 Kansas vs #19 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Bill self dries his clothes on medium.
  3. Re: *** #3 Kansas vs #19 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Bill Self drinks skim milk.
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    Re: *** #19 IOWA STATE vs TCU Game(day) Thread ***

  5. Re: *** #1 Oklahoma vs #17 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Ashtons solid minutes negate any perceived depth advantage Oklahoma had been said to have over us which I believe was overstated and inaccurate. We really are very similar and evenly matched teams in...
  6. Re: *** Official #21 West Virginia vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***
  7. Re: ***Official #15 Iowa State @ #9 Kansas Gameday Thread***

    Less than 12 hours left! Yaaaay!
  8. Re: *** Official #9 IOWA STATE vs Texas Tech Game(day) Thread ***

    I almost can't watch this.
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    Re: Get ready for TwoCoach...

    Easy to say when you're playing Texas Tech at home. I believe Cydkar did specify this never happens "at a game." Texas Tech at Kansas hardly qualifies as a game. Also, we don't believe you anyway.
  10. Thread: Tavon Sledge

    by NCCisufan

    Re: Tavon Sledge

    Indeed. Was quite the speedster as well.
  11. Re: Interesting tidbit in the Omaha World Herald.

    Yes, this please! I've worked quite a bit in that area on both the Iowa and Nebraska sides and this sounds plausible.
  12. Re: New Year's Resolutions: Iowa State Cyclones

    Boycott NBC Sports!
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    Re: Hawk Nation/Deace Glowing re: ISU

    Good stuff. Enjoyed their breakdown of Iowa's lack of quality guard play. Makes me appreciate what we have.
  14. Re: ***Official #14 IOWA STATE @ Iowa Game(day) Thread***

    Have to work 10 to 7 today. Employer knows full well that expecting me to stay until 7:01 or later will absolutely not happen no matter what. Im watching this game one way or another!
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    Re: If this BDJ stuff is true...

    I was unaware of the specifics on how Ames PD went out of their way to avoid arresting BDJ. Can you elaborate for me, please?
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    Re: If this BDJ stuff is true...

    Thanks Ames PD. The streets of Ames and the basketball courts of Iowa City are once again safe from this menace
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    Re: This Team's Expectations

    ....And Bryce Dejean-Jones is so freakishly unstoppable that his talent leaves you at a loss for words, which is why you couldn't even bring yourself to mention the addition of a player of his...
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    Re: Cooke update

    the link you posted was much appreciated reading
  19. Re: Clones Interest in Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk Ukranian 16 Year Old

    pronunciation of Svaitoslav's name from this guy in a stylish jacket @ 0:11 seconds...
  20. Re: LeVelle Moton Shoutout to Cyclones - Update on Condition of Son

    More like a quality low-major program. Mid-major is a term a lot of us are throwing these days to describe all non-power conference schools that show any ability to compete, which is not really how...
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  • February 13, 2016
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