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    Re: Is Coach Prohm slowing this team down?

    Maybe you are but I'm not. I've watched every loss this year and we were the better team and/or gave the game away by stopping what was working. A Hok fan would believe that UNI, Baylor, WV and A&M...
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    Re: Is Coach Prohm slowing this team down?

    The losses alone don't indicate the power struggle, saw it before we lost a game. Look at the quotes, style of play, and yes, the more the losses come, the more evident it is. The ONLY loss they've...
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    Re: Is Coach Prohm slowing this team down?

    I don't think this year will be one in which we can judge him as a coach, but I think we can judge the job this year. Prohm was in a tough spot from Day 1 and could go one of two ways. Try to keep...
  4. Re: ***Official 2016 National Cyning Day Thread***

    Hopefully this puts to rest the crowd that says, "if we fire our coach our recruiting class will be ruined", and hoping it's not an issue we are dealing with any time soon.
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    Re: Defense Destroyed Kansas

    I've been as down on CSP as anyone could most of the year, especially on the Def, and the first half had me really had me giving up hope on anything changing. Gotta give CSP props, def adjustments...
  6. Re: Prohm stopped using his Twitter and Facebook accounts

    This is pretty sad that a major college coach, deleting his social media is news. I mean, at this point in his career shouldn't he be above this? Shouldn't he be an example to these players how...
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    Re: Not a bad loss at all

    Completely disagree, this one has been brewing. Same terrible def on switches, no adjustments other than the Nader switch. Very disappointed that Prohm said, "we held them to 35 in the 2nd half". ...
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    Re: Hey Chris Williams.....previous commits?

    Looking at our results in games he played vs games he didn't, I don't see much difference. Certainly not saying he isn't good but if the only reason he'd stay is because leaving means he sits out a...
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    Re: I'm sitting at Applebee's...

    I'm not gonna lie, I've watched this reply at least 25 times and I laugh every time. One wonders how Kane avoided losing an eye for that one?
  10. Re: Looking back...Could things have been handled differently? (long)

    Well, the last coach that left on his own before Hoiberg spent several years chasing away his best players to transfer to other schools and we never came close to sniffing the NCAA tourney, Big 12...
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    Re: week 3 ranking prediction

    It's going to get even better, as long as we win these next couple, as NC and MD play each other so it's pretty likely we'll be No 3 at some point in the next couple weeks, pretty crazy.
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    Re: Charlie Strong to Miami?

    Alabama hasn't been wading in the waters of their own world as Texas has. In addition, as a whole, Alabama's athletic dept isn't what Texas's is. I fail to see the part where I state anyone who...
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    Re: Charlie Strong to Miami?

    I disagree. If UT was that successful under any coach they'd tell the Big12 to go die and roll as an independent. They aren't too far from it now and football and basketball hasn't been dominate in...
  14. Re: enCYCLONEedia: Analyzing the Mangino tenure. Why not Wally?

    Pretty sure the two years with Troy Davis were all in on the run game. I was at a game where he carried it 54 times I believe. Didn't produce many wins, but it was a viable argument that giving him...
  15. Houston isn't selling out in an undefeated season

    I say we bring Herman back to lead, we sell out if there's a chance of getting to 3 wins:
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    Re: Olson, ESPN: Time to give Lanning a shot?

    My interpretation of PR quotes as the year has progress:

    I'm staying loyal to my guys as I know I'm getting paid, win or lose. I'll clock in and out but we are who we are and we are as good as we...
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    Re: ISU Football Tickets on Groupon

    As embarrassing as it may be, there might be some silver lining. When "bragging" about how far we have fallen to be offering our tix on Groupon, one of my employees, an avid Michigan Fan, told me...
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    Re: CFTV: Mark Mangino on his QB situation

    Bounce back??? To what?? Outside of a very few stretches in games where he got into a rhythm, he has always been the same inaccurate thrower, who is below average at best at reading defs, and...
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    Re: I'm finally over it

    I'm still not over Johnny retiring so you already being over Fred is quick. I mean, at least let Prohm have some wins and give us reason to put the love behind us. NOTHING WRONG WITH MOURNING!!!
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    Re: CFTV: Cole Netten talks about the miss

    Well, I don't think the RB messed up, I think he ran the play that was called. Even if he messed up, it's still on the coaches for calling that play. REALLY SIMPLE: Have your QB down the ball in...
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