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  1. Re: Steve Prohm for Big 12 Coach of the Year?

    Huggins doing a lot with little right now.
  2. Re: *** #19 IOWA STATE vs TCU Game(day) Thread ***

    CSP says this is a team that is a good fit for zone defense. Look forward to see how we play it and if Ashton gets more minutes due to this.
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    Re: Recommended Restaurant in Ames?

    The Cafe is the easy answer here and if you want to get game prepped walk over and have a beer at the new Wallabys before heading to Hilton!
  4. Re: What is the peak for ISU's football program all interested i posted projected wins and expectations based on historical win/loss/tie percentages at ISU - I weighted all...
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    Re: Around the league 1-2-15

    The big question left after that game to me is, Is Shaka going to get Texas rolling and when?
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    Re: Around the league 1-2-15

    They held on and don't look half bad for most of the game. Surprised to see them finally have a team. Tubby turned it around in only 3 years...not Fred good but pretty good.
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    Re: Around the league 1-2-15

    Gotcher for TTechis going to be a pain in our backs again this year. The guy always goes off against us. He just nailed a 26+footer against Texas.
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    Re: Everything Jakolby Long thread

    I like how everyione assumes we will be bad next year. Obviously prob not going to be top 5-10 in the country but I dont think we will be Mc Doormat years bad - Give Prohm a little respect here he...
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    Re: Scott Weiland, STP front man dies

    Sounds like He's been back on the juice and had PR doing thier best to cover up his addiction for a good part of the last year. Reports of some odd shows that he forgot words to some STP songs and...
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    Re: CPR Legacy QB

    Jantz was horrible, He just had a cannon.
  11. Re: Did the team look exhausted during the first half of the NDSU game?

    The only difference was our shots werent falling, the team looked the same. A little bit of regression to the mean was in store for how well the whole team has been shooting. On to the next one!
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    Re: Impressive Toledo Stats

    I guess the other way to look at Iowa State stats then is MAC level recruits against Big 12 competition?
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    Re: David Irving sighting! SNF

    As for Rodney Coe.....Crickets.
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    Re: Matt Thomas vs. Grand Valley State

    Matt Thomas is a solid basketball player, if he gets confidence watch out! I predicted a 10 & 5 type season for him and people think I'm crazy- we will see.
  15. Re: (2) MBB Season tickets Sec 226 row 11 Aisle seats $3500

    I don't hide behind it being an investment at this point. I live over 1000 miles away now but have had the tickets for years- even when they had no value.
  16. Re: (2) MBB Season tickets Sec 226 row 11 Aisle seats $3500

    Supply and Demand confuses some people!
  17. (2) MBB Season tickets Sec 226 row 11 Aisle seats $3500

    $3500 OBO for both season tickets PM me for any more details or offers. Must pay through Google Wallet or Paypal.
  18. Re: Wanted - 2 season tickets mens basketball

    I sat through every game of the McDermott years- some games I couldn't even give the tickets away when I couldn't make it. Crazy what our fan base does with success!
  19. Re: Wanted - 2 season tickets mens basketball

    I have a pair of corner balcony- aisle seats I'm willing to part with. No parking pass but those can always be found. $3500 for the pair
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    Re: Park Kenseth

    Have at it boys! I remember that was made clear. Kenseth made should an eye for an eye- drivers police themselves and this continues to be the norm.
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  • February 13, 2016
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