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  1. Re: Monte Morris talks about buzzer beater against Texas

    Ah yes you were right..I probably got hammered and forgot it even happened..Dont want to make it a habit of drinking after home losses..Once is too many times
  2. Re: Monte Morris talks about buzzer beater against Texas

    Went to youtube and watched the second half magic against ou and the whole eastern iowa game then last five minutes of ku in the final...What i remembered is niang is unguardable a is morris..Abdul...
  3. Re: The Seniors Podcast: The Tech debacle

    It was a good listen for the ride to and from work.I did like the cubs cards talk and the picks was good insight..I personally think the hoks are going to lose this weekend..For some reason nw has...
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    Re: Dan McCarney on KXnO today at 4:30

    If dan doesnt beat eastern iowa back in 1998 then do we have sez today..That day changed iowa state forever because since then more and more people are becoming cyclone fans and the ones who already...
  5. Re: When did you attend your first ISU football game and opponent - score?

    1992 iowa state 19 big red 10..i was seven...go state
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    Re: When was the Really Snowy Game?

    I think it was 1996 but i remember sitting in the upper east side and i could not see the field..Was an absolute blizzard..We were gettting creamed 49-7 in third quarter i believe so my whos a...
  7. Re: POLL: Future hoops series vs. Minnesota; yay or nay?

    Id rather play the gophers simply based on wins and losses..Minnesota is an easier win and a much better style of play...Wisky plays better defense and is boring on offense which normally frustrates...
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    Re: I wonder how confident USA Today is...

    Hey cysmurf..I actually work at mcds so il make sure to short anyone wearing kwho blue...go state
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    Re: Who tipped a glass for Johnny tonight?

    Yes drinking captain n coke..too bad i got to work but not til eleven a.m but for johnny orr il go all nite
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    Re: Who tipped a glass for Johnny tonight?

    I was driving to work when i found out.Thank goodness johnny orr found ames iowa.Im sure he can rest easier knowing hilton magic is in good hands for a long time..Without johnny orr, do u think we...
  11. Re: UNI & Iowa most attended games in ISU history

    Hey iowastateclones.that avatar makes u look like a poptart...did u watch the same game I did...not a good time to be sporting since we got beat by our little brother again...
  12. Re: We get the last laugh on Iowa with their win over ISU tonight

    Ya we lost by six..i was no point after iowa took the lead did I think isu was goona win.just grinds my gears to think we suck this bad when we really dont.

    Just a smidge early.....on that note CYCLONE
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    Re: Predict Rushing Yards by Player

    As long as its a game winning touchdown then im all for it..
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    Re: Saturday Debate

    What I would do is pay a parking fee and get here early enough with a bottle of rum and some brats then grab a chair and park it in the south lot..that way u can just watch the real big screen and...
  16. Re: Allen Lazard: "There's some big news coming tomorrow." (and now a Dr.Who Epilogue

    So has the big news came out yet?.hope we get jones or maybe eiu does lose that dude...idk why hed wanna play for eiu anyways
  17. Thread: Josh Lenz

    by boonehawkh8r

    Re: Josh Lenz

    Yes I agree.he plays for the worst team in the nfc north.their wrs are marshall,hester(not a true wr),and jeffery whos only in year one hates the bears more then I do,but in glad hes got a...
  18. Re: Texas Tech's radio station predictions for next season

    Hate to be the pessimist here but as you all know texas freakin tech beat us last year.and yes I know we didnt show up,and that middle school gym they have is crap,but at the end of the day they did...
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    Re: Clyburn works out with Jazz

    Babb is a shorter but better athletic version of shane battier...can play great defense but if you leave him open he will drop threes like its a habit...battier is a pesky player..
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    Re: football entrance song

    ..i thought they came out to ferentz opening another piece of gum..then the sound of.him chomping on it over a microphone..then they hold hands cause their stuck together with gum from ferentz in...
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  • TV: ESPN
  • HOOPS: Iowa State vs. Texas
  • February 13, 2016
  • 07:30 PM