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  1. Re: Lawrence KS eating establishments before game

    I think doors for GA opened 90 minutes before the game and there will be people lined up when they open. You can show up later but it will probably put you up in the corner.
  2. Re: Lawrence KS eating establishments before game

    Lots of houses along 19th street sell parking in their driveways if street parking is full. Reasonably short walk to the Fieldhouse. Mass St is the way to go for food and beers but The Wheel is a...
  3. Re: Great deal on Iowa State @ Kansas MBB tickets

    I was across the gym from most of the GA crowd but it looked like there was a little pocket that found each other. Overall, I there were quite a few ISU fans around but mostly spread all over. I...
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    Re: Coach caught watching the game?

    Exactly. It was the exact same play they ran in the '08 championship game and ISU had the first option defended well. It looks like there may have been some miscommunication on the 2nd screen. Babb...
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    Re: Royce refuses to play in D League

    He was interviewed on the Hang Up and Listen podcast this week if anyone is interested. He explained his position, talked a little bit about ISU and Fred. I thought he did a good job explaining...
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    Re: Myck Kabongo suspended for season

    NCAA announced a 23 game suspension. His first potential game...Iowa State, February 13.
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    Re: Kirk Herbstreit says...

    I just feel like they're ignoring why that methodology exists and definitely ignoring ESPN's role in propping up the system for so many years.
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    Re: Kirk Herbstreit says...

    I feel bad for NIU taking all the heat when they're still ranked ahead of Wisconsin (not in top 25) and Louisville (21). The college bowl system is dumb, unfair, and designed to protect the biggest...
  9. Re: Jack Trice Stadium named top field by Sports Turf Managers Association

    That Jack Trice Stadium is one fine piece of grass. I know from experience, if you know what I mean.
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    Re: ***Official What Bowl Are We Going To Thread***

    Right, I was just wondering if a win over Kent St would be enough to push them into the top 16.
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    Re: ***Official What Bowl Are We Going To Thread***

    Would NIU would have a shot even sitting at 21? UCLA, Boise, and Texas could all lose so they may just have to jump Michigan.
  12. Re: From a W/L stanpoint, would we be better in the SEC?

    Big 12 is much more balanced than the SEC. K-State and OU don't have the ridiculous levels of talent that Bama/LSU/Georgia have. KU/UK are probably pretty similar but Tennessee/Arkansas/Auburn are...
  13. Re: Great picture of Jake Knott interception and Iowa fan's faces

    Is he gonna drop it? Is he gonna drop it? Spoiler alert: no.
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    Re: Empty trophy cases

    This. This would be great.
  15. Re: Looking for a KC game watch (family friendly)

    Same problem. The best bet I could think of was getting it on a smaller TV at BWW. I'm not even messing with it and am going to KC to either the Brooksider or maybe one of the Johnny's if I can't get...
  16. Royce White Draft Day documentary by Grantland

    First video up on Grantland's new youtube channel. Whoa.
    Hockumentary: Draft-Day With Royce White - YouTube
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    Re: Marching Band

    It really would be nice to have more (or anybody?) in the crowd singing the alma mater like they do at several other stadiums I've been too. Unfortunately, it's not actually that easy to figure out...
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    Re: Another Billboard in CR/IC

    Coming from out-of-state I could never figure out why putting up a billboard in eastern Iowa was somehow viewed as "controversial" (even by some ISU fans). Isn't ISU supposed to represent the entire...
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    Re: Face-eaters should be banned...

    Does it really matter what drug he was "on" when that probably wasn't the real issue anyway?

    Read more: The Cannabis Cannibal? Miami Face-Eater Didn’t Take ‘Bath Salts’ | Healthland |
  20. coaching awards. Spoiler: The Mayor wins one

    John Calipari, Steve Prohm among's coaching award honorees - Luke Winn -

    Read more: John Calipari, Steve Prohm among's coaching award honorees - Luke Winn -
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  • February 13, 2016
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