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  1. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    Why Boesen? I can think of 5 better targets to throw to
  2. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    I've noticed a lot of holding going on by OU tKnight. I know those calls are somewhat subjective but I've seen several blatant holds by their right tackle
  3. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    The Wayne Bolt passing Defensive scheme
  4. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    Offensive lineman fighting....just showed CPR and Sturdy having a testy exchange over the vanilla play of running the ball up the middle on 4th doesn't look to be Happy
  5. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    THat ball was totally catchable....the announcer was wrong.
  6. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    NOw the booth review will turn it back over to OU....classic
  7. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    To me it seems the receivers are a little off, Lanning isn't throwing a off but they are still catchable
  8. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    Dare I say he is the Football version of Spangler?
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    Re: Complete guess- Prohm to Louisville

    I think if Prohm leaves it will be for the Lebanon National team. Think about it...
  10. Re: Next Coach Possibility (just putting this out there)

    I feel we are in for a rough transition whomever it is, that new SEZ project has a price and it may be that JP looks down to KU and sees their coaching woes of 5 years and empty seats and will be gun...
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    Re: It should be Lanning's team starting now

    SBR needs to ride the pine. No OC's game plan will work with passes 10 yards wide and 5 yards over our tall receivers heads. If SBR was a boxer he would be pulled for being punch drunk. He...
  12. Re: Why no mention of how horrible Burnham is?

    PLUS this is the BIG12....your defense doesn't have to be awesome, only mediocre to compete. Offense drives the W-L column. It's why the defense is overlooked, everyone expects 50 points to be rung...
  13. Re: Sticking with Sam; Open Competition at Kicker

    The fact he didn't come out, be a standup guy ACT LIKE A COACH and take the blame for this loss leaves a bad taste in my mouth. He is as of now in my mind trying to save face so he is still hireable...
  14. Thread: We need:

    by GoClones123

    Re: We need:

    I'll throw in a QB for consideration
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    Re: Sam Richardson

    If anyone says this was not on Sam they are blind. Sam is horrible and he should be benched
  16. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs. TTU Prediction Thread***

    We take a step back. We beat a dumpster fire in Kansas at home and still couldn't make 40 points. Offense sputters, Tech in control by the end of third quarter.

    ISU 28
    TTech 52
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    Re: Biggest take away from today's game

    I guess we are beginning to take form of what ISU must do to win a game. Guys, KU was a dumpster fire last year too and walloped us. The key ingredients for ISU to be successful they are finally...
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    Re: What does Rhoads have to do?

    I don't see anything changing. I constantly go on Twitter hoping to sEe big changes made at ISU only to find they are pumping the same fluff from the Kool-aid factory in Ames. I think I need to see...
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    Re: Jamie or Paul. Who leaves first?

    CPR will leave first. I don't think JP is on the hot seat at all.
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    Re: Why shouldn't Paul Rhoads be fired now?

    Because firing a head coach after two games means that the rest of the year for football is a wash, we could end up losing every game the rest of the way. Oh wait.....nope I got nothing
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