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  1. Re: Current Standings... And the Big 12 crown is achievable!

    No, winning the conference is not possible with our remaining road games. OU has the easiest schedule left after their narrow escape against Texas Monday.

    After Tech, we will have gotten all the...
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    Re: Matt Thomas is really good.

    Matt has done a fantastic job this season. One advantage Matt has that Sullivan did not for three of his four years here is that he is on a good team and not always drawing the other team's best...
  3. Re: Iowa State's (trending downward) assist-FG ratio

    I really noticed the lack of passing late in the game against A&M. Niang took a couple of shots from a tough angle near the baseline where he couldn't bounce the ball off the backboard.
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    Re: Nader was amazing in the KU game.

    Nader has looked really good lately. I especially like his aggressiveness and ability to play through contact. It also helps that he's one of our best free-throw shooters. I was really impressed with...
  5. Re: SOURCE: Jameel McKay's knee is structurally sound

    I can't understand the people saying we should rest our starters for Texas A&M, the No. 5 team in the country. Getting a chance to prove yourself against the best teams in the country is what...
  6. Re: CW back and forth with Jon Miller on twitter last night.....

    Yeah, the snark is lost on me, too. He's saying Hilton is a tough place to play, but to do well in the tourney, you have to win away from home, which is true.
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    Re: Was McKay more aggressive last season?

    I agree. McKay is a much better player when he can face the basket vs. when he is trying to make a move with his back to it.
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    Re: Was McKay more aggressive last season?

    Some people mentioned that it took Georges a while to figure out how to play with McKay on the floor, since Georges had less room to roam down low.

    I think the two who have not yet gotten on the...
  9. Re: *** #19 IOWA STATE vs TCU Game(day) Thread ***

    Ok, I was wondering what was going on with Nader apparently only shooting one free-throw, making it, and then not getting a second one when he didn't make the field goal. I think the announcers might...
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    Re: Rank the most annoying Big 12 fans

    I'll take this opportunity to say that I bought a "Beat Texas" shirt before ISU's football game against Texas in 2011. Before the game, an old couple wearing Texas gear walked passed me and smiled,...
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    Re: Rank the most annoying Big 12 fans

    I can see how ISU fans could be seen as really annoying to other fan bases because we boo so much at every call, since 2013 especially we have been paranoid about refs giving the other team the game,...
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    Re: #AskCW Podcast: ASK QUESTIONS HERE

    Any thoughts on Burton's struggles the past few games? To me, he tries to do too much on offense, and he's not quick enough to keep up with guards on defense. Do you think we'll see fewer minutes for...
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    Re: Nader/To Shoot or Not to Shoot

    Two plays early in the Iowa game exemplify Nader, the good and the bad. Nader blocks a guy's shot with about two seconds on shot clock. Great play! The Hawkeyes inbound the ball to a guy who is...
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    Re: Projecting the rest of the season...

    9-9 means going 8-6 the rest of the way. Is that really the worst case scenario? I'd take that at this point.
  15. Re: FILM ROOM: Dissecting ISU's defensive struggles at Texas

    Great summary of the team's problems. These are things I as a casual fan have trouble noticing as I watch and they don't show up in the box score either.
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    Re: Nader's threes

    Nader is still chucking up threes almost a year after this post!

    Recap: Nader shot 27 percent from 3 at Northern Illinois. He shot 22 percent as a junior, and is shooting 26 percent through 16...
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    Re: "We Stink" - Jameel McKay

    Nader is having a hard time adjusting to being the fourth or fifth best player on a team, when he was previously the best player on a very bad team. He is also the one most commonly guilty of...
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    Re: Time to start listening to coach

    That was my thought exactly. When we need a three, why is McKay on the floor?
  19. Re: Surprising (to me) takeaways on D after rewatching Baylor

    Thanks for the great analysis, OP. My takeaway is that Burton and Cooke simply have to play more in order to give Georges a rest, because he cannot initiate all the plays on offense AND be expected...
  20. Re: Some early Advanced Stats for Iowa State

    I tend to think ISU launches too many threes since we've got better options inside the arc, although it is interesting that in two of our three lowest three point attempt games, we lost (28 percent...
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  • TV: ESPN
  • HOOPS: Iowa State vs. Texas
  • February 13, 2016
  • 07:30 PM