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  1. Re: SOURCE: Jameel McKay's knee is structurally sound

    If McKay has a swelling from an unknown cause that flares up with vigorous use, I can relate to his concern. Time and moderate use has been the only solution for me. Bad timing for Jameel and the...
  2. Re: SOURCE: Jameel McKay's knee is structurally sound

    Anybody think A&M's loss at Arkansas is going to influence who plays how many minutes Saturday?
  3. Re: What type of senor citizens will your generation produce?

    You think you will now but you won't remember many of the lyrics, your timing will be off, and people will wonder what in the world you are mumbling about. By that time, ideas and sensations will be...
  4. Thread: Crowd Noise

    by IsUaClone2

    Re: Crowd Noise

    It sounded to me as if the crowd could have been louder and perhaps even more intimidating. Could have been that:
    - ESPN gimmicked the mikes or their positions so that the announcers could be heard...
  5. Re: FIVE THOUGHTS: Tubby Smith gets Steve Prohm

    While I think the team members on the floor during Georges' bench time get the most credit for their success during Georges' absence, I also think that Tech's defensive game plan went completely in...
  6. Re: Is anybody else really looking forward to the CFB playoffs getting here

    Oh, so that's (CFB Play-offs) what this commercial is about. I must admit that the first time it was on I punched the ignore button in my brain and whenever it comes/came on again, my mind takes me...
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    Re: Interesting quote from Pollard

    If it would help, I'll spit in your drink for you.
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    Re: Leath made this call

    I can easily believe that both of these statements are true. I have worked and am working with many organizations where the leadership team may differ, argue, and fight in the decision room but --...
  9. Re: Former PA QB Gatorade Player of the Year visiting this weekend

    Used them both when Carlson was a Junior and Amundsen was a Soph.; sometimes both in the game at the same time. Amundson switched to running back for his Junior year and became our first 1,000 yard...
  10. Thread: Paul Wulff

    by IsUaClone2

    Re: Paul Wulff

    I guessed that Wuff got fired, his contract specified that he would be paid off completely only if he didn't get a paying job before the contract expired. His voluntary work is opportunity for him....
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    Re: Different Team with Lanning

    I support Lanning because he takes chances and let's our superior wide receivers make plays. I think Richardson was getting too safety-minded (probably because the coaches are drilling "no turnovers"...
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    Re: Do we have another kicker?

    How about making him practice with a blindfold and defensive rushers. Let him line up his kick with his eyes open then put the blindfold on. Yell hike when the ball is snapped and let the rushers in....
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    Re: What would you name your band?

    Unisex Organ - with a mouth (ala the Rolling Stones) as the emblem. Oldies.
  14. Re: CFTV: The jokester Georges Niang at Big 12 media day

    Elsa, Is that you?
  15. Re: Twister Sister Summary - an Interview with Angie Welle Edinger

    I was on a cruise ship elevator wearing a little ISU gear. A woman wearing a UCONN sweatshirt got on and seemed to be staring at me. I was uncomfortable -- being married and old enough to be her...
  16. Re: What are some of the greatest shots in Cyclones basketball history?

    Oh yeah, thanks. I'll still bet that Fizer's presence altered Drummond's shot but thanks for the clarification.
  17. Re: What are some of the greatest shots in Cyclones basketball history?

    He did it twice if I recall properly; one time with a fake drive and step back for three. He not only killed time off the clock but also gained a point twice on the exchange (when Kansas drove the...
  18. Re: What are some of the greatest shots in Cyclones basketball history?

    Didn't Royce block a shot off a UConn player out-of-bounds at the other end to start this inbounds play?
  19. Have we seen this tailgating poll already?

    I can't remember if someone brought up this poll already but here is an USA Today poll:
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    Re: Willie Muldrew / Johnny Majors

    I remember that; Pammel Court right?
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