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  1. Re: Who's the best player in the State of Iowa...

    Jok is third in the big ten in steal rate. He's become one of the better defenders in the league.
  2. Re: RECRUITING: 4-star OL to visit in January

    Yea I wanted him bad when it seemed like an Iowa offer would close the deal, but the staff had plenty of opportunity to offer him and decided against it multiple times. I'd be interested to hear...
  3. Re: 3 Thoughts on Thursday: Campbell has me frazzled

    Coming from an Iowa point of view, I like what Campbell is doing so far. Is he going to get a lot of the guys he's offered this week, no. But he's sending a message that things are going to be...
  4. Re: U of Iowa stuck with ISIS acronym for department

    I work for the school and people actually call and act offended. I'm like this system has been around forever, you need to relax dude.
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    Re: Week 1 Semi-Official CFP poll Thread

    My biggest gripe here is that it just seems completely inconsistent as to what they are ranking teams on.
  6. Re: This article is why I hate Iowa fans so much

    That is a masterful troll job if I have ever seen one. He summed up everyone of the ISU generalizations into one, poorly formatted, blog post.
  7. Re: The Board of Regents just stuck their middle finger up to Univ of Iowa faculty

    If anything this hire is good for the athletic side of things, as the president has jumped right in on that. The academic side of things is yet to be seen, but i'm intrigued.
  8. Re: The Board of Regents just stuck their middle finger up to Univ of Iowa faculty

    If Iowa is fighting those schools, who exactly is Iowa State fighting? Ames High? Mind you, the admission reqs are almost equal and you have a higher (not by much) acceptance rate. You can rag on...
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    Re: Noskowiak arrested

    It's tough to see someone with family issues potentially fall into the same pattern. I don't know if it was ever confirmed what the deal was with his dad, but I hope things work out for this kid.
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    Re: Official Hinterland

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    Poll: Re: Official 80-35 kickoff thread.....

    This is by far their best line-up IMO. St. Vincent and David Byrne give it a run for its money, but Wilco, Weezer, RTJ, and St Lucia are heavy hitters in music right now.
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    Poll: Re: Official 80-35 kickoff thread.....

    I'll be there saturday. If you want to get ******* turnt, do not miss Run the Jewels.
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    Re: OT Husker football and new coach

    Mike Riley was an incredibly "meh" hire for that program"/
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    Re: Juan Harris Totally believe you, Juan.
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    Re: Now who is the better hire, Fred or Fran?

    If Fran somehow had a five year run in years 6-11 like Hoiberg's, then it would be a discussion. Until then, no.
  16. Poll: Re: Tuesday Poll: Favorite Post-Apocalyptic Movie

    Planet of the Apes.
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    Re: Recruit Lists v2.0

    There's still a question whether Iowa even offers since they have McCaffery in that class and they play the same position.
  18. Re: Places to watch the Mayweather-Pacman fight

    We're just buying a keg and inviting people over to split the cost in Iowa City.
  19. Re: Great Concerts Announced Already this Spring/Summer.....

    Run The Jewels will burn down Des Moines. Count me in!
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    Re: Niang & McKay 2nd Round NBA?

    Effort and consistency is why you found yourself in a hole the last 6 games of the year and laid an egg on Thursday. I won't necessarily disagree with the rest of your post, I'm just saying in the...
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