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  1. Feedback: Why no redirect rules for non-passive URL changes in forums?

    Can anything be done to mitigate the negative consequences in the recent URL structure changes made to the site this week? There's a handful of reasons why this is a step backward.

    SEO loss of...
  2. Re: ***OFFICIAL: Tulsa @ Iowa State Game(day) Thread***

    What the heck is a "golden hurricane" anyway? I hope R Kelly isn't involved.
  3. Re: Parking options for the game besides donor lots

    How early to show up depends on the atmosphere you want. If you want to hang out with the students and are looking for the type of atmosphere that brings, you want G2/G3. There's always a line of...
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    Re: G7 Parking Question

    So we have the option to park where we please, rather that get directed in like cattle?

    When parking along the east fence, is there enough room on either side of the fence to set up a game of...
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    G7 Parking Question

    After 7 years of parking in the GA grass lots, our group has finally bought passes for G7. I'm curious if anybody can speak to the ability to hold spots or drive through after the lot has filled....
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  • HOOPS: Iowa State @ Texas Tech
  • February 10, 2016
  • 08:00 PM