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  1. Re: *** #13 IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(day) Thread ***

    loving the grittiness of our team on D so far, I realize they are missing evans but still this is showing we can win in a variety of ways. also showing we play a lot better with the spacing putting...
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    Re: Toyota axing the Scion brand

    I had a scion xa for about 5 years, it was an amazing car for me but you could see that the brand wasnt going anywhere. For what ever reason they quit making the xa which was their best mpg vehicle...
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    Re: Bad Neighbor Stories

    I own a deep ravine for a backyard that and have some unique people that pile garbage along my property line as well as they set up a firepit to burn some of that garbage which of course they then...
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    Re: Possible Groomsman Crisis

    Exactly on the no-rental ideal, I had a friend that's wedding was 15 mins long so I rented a suit for 150 dollars for basically 10 dollars a min, while we all had black suits anyway of our own but...
  5. Thread: OU @ BU

    by mb7299

    Re: OU @ BU

    have to admit watching this game makes me really respect the effort Matt Thomas gave on Heild, he just needs the tiniest openings and he's so athletic he's a killer college player thats for sure.
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    Poll: Re: Friday Evening Discussion: Attraction

    Long hair on a woman is amazing that and wider hips so it looks like the hour glass figure. both of those work like a charm every time attraction wise.
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    Re: Our conference losses

    the loses definitely stung but they appear to have brought the team together and gave our coach an opening to make it his team through and through. I'd much rather have the situation were in now then...
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    Re: We Don't Boo at OSU

    OSU is going to be a tough out on their court this year. They just look super long and athletic this year, exactly what bothers ISU so much (think Baylor).
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    Re: 2 postgame questions

    who all did we have for recruits at this game beyond the listed 2017 pg. Thought I saw one of our coaches talking to two players in the tunnel after the game.
  10. Re: Surprising (to me) takeaways on D after rewatching Baylor

    exactly whats the worst he could do miss open shots, be a tall enforcer that wouldnt have to worry about foul trouble even if its 2-4 minutes it would help out tremendously.
  11. Thread: El Chapo caught

    by mb7299

    Re: El Chapo caught

    He has been caught a plethora of times. Hopefully he isn't taken away by a male plane.
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    Re: OT: The Revenant

    Agreed on the squeamish, great movie overall though. Totally agree on the idea that there were a couple scenes that I definitely turned my eyes away.
    ps- totally worth it to read up on the...
  13. Thread: The Big 12

    by mb7299

    Re: The Big 12

    Really amazed by how much Niang has improved the last couple of games, he's rarely forcing things right now and he's so skilled that no team has figured out what to do yet. Its fun to watch, going to...
  14. Re: *** Official #11 IOWA STATE vs #3 Oklahoma Game(day) Thread ***

    Burton is the key to this years team being a lot better than last year no doubt about it. Im super impressed with him.
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    Re: Tuesday OT - Thanks, Mom

    The only way to get me to eat broccoli as a kid was by calling them tree tops and for what ever reason that worked like a charm every time lol. I also was told by my mom to quit jumping on the...
  16. Re: Just because it's boring today, let's rank 'em ...

    Have to admit, Texas Tech is looking pretty good out of conference. Should be interesting to see if they can find a way to go 500 in conference. Definitely looking forward to conference season its...
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    Re: What's a good Netflix series?

    I really enjoyed Lillyhammer. If you havent caught the documentary Fed Up that is a must especially if you are trying to keep your weight in check, I had no idea how much sugar we consume in...
  18. Re: UNI vs Hawaii (right now espnU) if you are still awake

    watching this makes me realize that we hopefully use a token press (2-2-1) to take teams out of their sets from time to time because teams like UNI that use pick and rolls to death need to be taken...
  19. Re: Monday OT #1 - Songs You Loathe by Artists You Love

    Sheryl Crow- everyday is a winding road. Enjoy most of her music but man is that song hard on the ears.
  20. Re: Two missing ingredients on this team right now.

    Definitely agree we are good/great, were a team that uses finesse rather than brute force because we arent the most physically gifted team, we just know how to play the game well. So that means teams...
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  • HOOPS: Iowa State @ Texas Tech
  • February 10, 2016
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