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  1. Re: *** #13 IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(day) Thread ***

    Big freakin win!! I love Fran doing commentary on our games!!
  2. Re: *** #13 IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(day) Thread ***

    They have to be piping noise into Gallagher-Iba Arena. No way can it be that loud unless they turn the background noise up.
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    Re: Super Bowl snacks thread

    Wings marinating in Frank's hot sauce already. I will fire the smoker up around midnight, if I haven't had to many beverages, and put a 10 lb brisket in. Wife will make queso hamburger dip....
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    Re: Friday OT - Entrance Music

    I know this gets played all the time and that JP is big fan of them, but nothing gets the head banging beat of "Thunderstruck"! C'mon know What else goes better with the storm warning and " A storm...
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    Re: When did this team become so soft?

    We are a tired team right now. Playing a 37+ minutes a game is going wear you out eventually. We are gassed. I don't care how conditioned you are. Niang just had some really horrible turnovers last...
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    Re: Possible huge snow storm next week?

    I live in Ames and my broken ankle from years past is not aching yet, so that means the lower pressure gradiant is not going to affect us that much. This means that we will get very little snow. WOW!...
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    Re: Possible huge snow storm next week?

    Looks like it could spew a lot of white stuff!!
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    Re: Chase Allen commits to ISU!

    Big get!!! Heard also the kid from Ames we offered, Colin Newell, had a rather disappointing visit with the folks in IC. Heard one of the coaches gave him a hand written letter and they spelled...
  9. Re: Seriously, how long as Perry played at Ku?

    They have named a school after him, two retirement homes, and last time I checked he was the only player/coach in NBS League (National Basketball for Senior Citizens)
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    Re: Friday OT: It's not me, it's you.

    My girlfriend I had in college came up to me and told me she was pregnant. She proceeded to end the pregnancy because she didn't want to ruin my career. This just came out of the blue. My first...
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    Re: Possible huge snow storm next week?

    It's usually when they forecast no snow and we get 6" of the damn white stuff. I like where they went with this though as they always forecast 10"-12" and once the storm gets closer it tracks the...
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    Re: Bad Neighbor Stories

    Just out of college and moved to Columbus, NE back in 1990. I moved into this apartment complex and had this single nice looking gal that lived in the apartment above me. I always made small talk...
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    Re: Possible huge snow storm next week?

    Stock up on bread and milk!! Get to the store now!! Sometimes I think that supermarkets pay off meteorologists just to get people to stock up on perishable items.
  14. Re: *** #4 Kansas vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Just polished off almost a half bottle of vodka.
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    Poll: Re: KU @ ISU Predictions

    Saw Prohm in Church last Sunday morning and we won Monday night against OU. Saw him again in church this Sunday... so we are going to win. If it works.....
  16. Thread: Terry Woods

    by cycloner29

    Re: Terry Woods

    The Hamburglar!! Wait wrong chain. It should be Sam "The Burglar King" Mack.
  17. ESPN and other sports commentators that need to be sent to pasture.

    1. Linda Cohn- Good God!! What is she seventy trying to look like she is twenty?? All the teeth whitening, make up (by the gallons), plastic surgery, etc. can only make you think you are twenty. Old...
  18. Re: *** #19 IOWA STATE vs TCU Game(day) Thread ***

    This looks like a crappy designed arena. Besides basketball it looks like you could have a rodeo, livestock auction or turn it into an aquarium.
  19. Re: *** #19 IOWA STATE vs TCU Game(day) Thread ***

    Is Coach Trent Johnson part of the "Walking Dead" cast or did they just misplace his casket? The dude looks like he is a couple pints low on blood.
  20. Re: *** #19 IOWA STATE vs TCU Game(day) Thread ***

    did someone throw up on my TV or is it just the floor?
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