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    Re: Bad Neighbor Stories

    I currently have a neighbor that is obsessed with hockey and seems to want his son to be the next Wanye Gretzky. With that in mind, he has built the most redneck looking "hockey rink" in their...
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    Re: Tom Manning OC

    Ok, lets save some money in the football program. Let's hire everyone from Toledo so we can save on printing new playbooks. Just get some I-State stickers to cover up the Toledo logos on them.
  3. Des Moines game watch for the Colorado game

    Since the game on Friday is at a weird time (4PM), I was wondering if there are any happy hours that would be a good spot to watch the game in the Des Moines area.
  4. Re: ***Week 6 Pick'em - Chance to win Tailgate package!***

    Oklahoma (-14.5) vs. Texas
    Oklahoma State @ West Virginia (6)
    TCU (-7) @ Kansas State
    Wisconsin @ Nebraska (PK)
    Miami @ Florida State (-9)
    Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-11.5)

    Tiebreaker: Total...
  5. Re: What are some of the greatest shots in Cyclones basketball history?

    Vanderbeken against Creighton at Wells Fargo arena...shouldn't have counted but it was still awesome!
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    Re: FS: MBB ISU / COLORADO (Sioux Falls)

    It is crazy how expensive tickets are for that game...From what i have seen online they are going for Final Four type money.
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    Poll: Re: 3 Point Contest

    reference my avitar
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    Re: Greatest TV show character of all time

    President Bartlett in West Wing
  9. Re: Week 2 College Football Pick'em - Tailgating Prize!

    LSU (-3.5) @ Mississippi State
    Boise State (-2.5) @ BYU
    Houston @ Louisville (-11)
    Oklahoma @ Tennessee (PICK)
    Oregon @ Michigan State (-3.5)
    Iowa (-4.5) @ Iowa State
    Tiebreaker (total points...
  10. Re: College Football Pick'ems - FANTASTIC GRAND PRIZE!

    Michigan @ Utah (-5.5)
    TCU (-14.5) @ Minnesota
    BYU @ Nebraska (-7)
    Texas @ Notre Dame (-9.5)
    Ohio State (-12) @ Virginia Tech
    Iowa State (-8) vs. UNI
    Tiebreaker (total points scored in UNI @...
  11. Re: Win $100 on The Masters from

    Fowler -10
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    Re: Last mow of the year

    I moved from a townhouse to a real house about two weeks ago. Yesterday I mowed for the second time and am already tire of it. Hopefully yesterday was the last one!
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    FS: Single ticket for sale - NDSU v. ISU

    I have a single ticket for sale for the opening game on Saturday.

    Section: L
    Row: 25

    $50 for the ticket or best offer. Message me if interested.

    I can meet anywhere in the Des Moines area
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    Re: Washington DC

    I have been to Ford's Theatre several times and it is great, there is a museum in the basement that has a lot of artifacts from the night Lincoln was assasinated. After that you can walk across the...
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    WTB: 2 tickets to the OSU game on 03/08

    Interested in a couple tickets to the OSU game on 03/08, message me if you have a couple and what you are asking for them.
  16. Re: Sopranos named best written show of all time

    I can't argue with you too much, I love MASH and have all the seasons on DVD. It could easily be in my top 5.
  17. Sopranos named best written show of all time

    The Writers Guild of America has named The Sopranos the best written show ever. It is one of my favorites but not sure it is the best ever. My top five would be:

    1. The West Wing
    2. Seinfeld
  18. Re: 4 tickets available for the OU game tomorrow

    Willing to go down to $30/ticket
  19. Re: 4 tickets available for the OU game tomorrow

    i should have mentioned the tickets are in section H row 29
  20. 4 tickets available for the OU game tomorrow

    $40 bucks per ticket. PM me if interested. They are at will-call so we would need to meet before the game. thanks!
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  • HOOPS: Iowa State @ Texas Tech
  • February 9, 2016
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