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    Re: WBB Freshman arrive on campus

    6 1, and can play positions 1 through 4. Broke NY scoring record of Breanna Stewart. Very high game IQ. Natural gamer. Great shooter. Tough. Can handle the ball.

    I think expectations are very high...
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    Re: New phone recommendation

    HTC One is by far the best phone on the market, it combines all the greatness of a S5 with the pure joy/love of the IPhone. My wife and I each got new phones, she got S5, I got HTC one, after a week,...
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    Re: BYU wants in the Big 12

    The difference between WVU and Louisville is simple, it is like Iowa vs. Iowa State. Louisville will always be a school that is supported by alumni, and a very small regional base, where the other is...
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    Re: BYU wants in the Big 12

    Stop trying to bring logic and numbers into the equation. :-)

    Along these lines, as stated by the Big 12 Commish previously, the Big 12 is interested in brands, as that is what TV carriers think...
  5. Re: Donald Sterling (Owner of the Clippers) is incredibly racist

    There are a lot of very wealthy people that want a sports team. There were at least 3 publicly known bids forcthe clippers that were over 1 million, including one for 1.8. I dont thinkvthere was...
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    Re: Galaxy S5 wi-fi issues

    Wife got S5 I got HTC One M8. After about a week she got the M8, because of wifi issues and sound. We are both in love with the M8, only gripe is the in call ear protection sound volume setting is...
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    Re: Tony Ramos Is Racking Up Honors

    They are probably the same guys that bash WBB too. For goodness sake it is actually refreshing to visit CF and see something other than a mbb or fb thread. But we can never have enough threads about...
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    Re: NE Recruit

    Losing out on Gustfason out of WI to Iowa hurt too. Yori is definitely building a powerhouse to the west of us....Fingers crossed on Burkhall, Ellis or Tucker....tough competition for all three....
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    Re: Who is "Mean?"

    I would have to agree, and I actually think we have a couple coming in that have attitude. I have seen Nakiah play, and she reminds me a lot of Shannon Bobbit who played for Tennessee, a lot of moxy,...
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    Re: Angry Birds dive bombing

    The only thing with Grackles and Starlings you have to watch out for, is they love to build nests in really dangerous places, like gas fireplace vents, and rooftop vents. I'd check your roof vents...
  11. Re: k-state hires tcu's wbb coach to replace deb patterson ...

    I agree she should be able to transfer, and KSU moved to swift and was stupid and is being stupid, but I can also see why KSU was concerned with Xavi. I mean he used Romero to get a job in the first...
  12. Re: k-state hires tcu's wbb coach to replace deb patterson ...

    To be fair, I don't think Romero is telling the whole truth. KSU messed it up by doing a knee-jerk reaction, but Romero is lying when she says she hasn't been in communications with Lehning or Lopez...
  13. Re: k-state hires tcu's wbb coach to replace deb patterson ...

    Looks like it is final:

    Currie and Mittie should have thought this...
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    Re: What Was Your High School Mascot?

    Muscatine Muskies. Used to have Indian logo. Now a spear after political issues. Used to have an indian(regional tribe Muscatine was named for) as a live mascot at games, then it was a fish, now a...
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    Re: Portland Vacation

    Voodoo donuts is a hoot, and pretty good too if you can eat that stuff.

    I also love the Japanese style sushi conveyer belt restaurant, but don't recall its name.

    Fortunately, for night life,...
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    Re: Schedule is out!

    WOW. Wish I was in Ames. Guess I'll have to renew clonezone subscription....
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    Re: Best String Trimmer on a budget

    I've had an Echo string gas trimmer for 10 years. Still starts 1st pull. Been as reliable as my Honda mower. The one thing I do suggest though is getting an insert head versus the winder. I love it,...
  18. Re: ISU to host Stanford, FSU in AVCA Showcase

    I dont care if we lose. Just getting teams like thus in Hilton elevates this program. Fennelly, are u paying attention?
  19. Re: Hallie Christofferson Inks Deal With Phoenix Mercury

    What is nice about watching WNBA versus NBA is the quality of players. Less teams, smaller rosters, means only the elite make it. To think that most of the WNBA teams are basically...
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    Re: Help with a business website

    godaddy hosting, gmail enterprise for email/solutions, and wordpress. My business, and all my three main clients are set up that way.
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