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  1. If McKay played today we lose. Burton should stay starter

    Burton came up with some key steals, rebound, free throws, and baskets we most likely would have not gotten had Mckay got the start. We probably would have had more turnovers and missed baskets as...
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    I'm still waiting for the game MT goes off for 30 plus points. One of these days he is going to have a game everything goes in. You just feel like it's coming. Might not be this year but it's gonna...
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    Re: Simeon Carter gets 4 minutes

    He looks like the type of player that has a lot of room to improve. Will be interesting to see by his Jr - Sr year what he has developed into.
  4. Re: The best line up is MM, MT, GN, then Burton and Nader

    Now we will get to see the lineup that should have been playing most of the minutes to begin with. Monte, Matt, Georges, Nader, Burton.
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    Re: McKay not traveling to OSU

    He should be coming off the bench any way. We turn the ball over way to many times just passing to him. Then when he gets it 5% chance he scores. He's liability out there. Can't score, can't defend,...
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    Re: Hats off to Monte

    This Team needs him to score and be the DeAndre Kane of this team.
  7. The best line up is MM, MT, GN, then Burton and Nader

    We start getting leads on teams with this line up in so why doesn't Proem stick with it? McKay is offering nothing in the line up but turnovers and missed shots. He did turn it up a gear for a few...
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    Re: When did this team become so soft?

    I blame Proem for all the mistakes we see over and over and over and over again. Like they don't go over film and learn from it.
    I blame Proem for taking out Hallice Cook right after he nails a 3...
  9. Re: We will be better next year if Monte comes back and healthy Naz

    McKay and Nader frustrate the hell out of me.
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    Re: Should we forfeit the game at WVU?

    1st time I'm reminded how it felt when Greg McDermott was our coach and how much basketball was unpleasant. This team is turning into that.
  11. Thread: Rebounding

    by BigCojones

    Re: Rebounding

    McKay is week and gets pushed around. He is almost worthless this year.
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    Re: Burton's minutes

    Don't understand it myself. McKay is bad, Nader is bad 3 out of 4 games. Burton should be in the starting lineup.
  13. In regards to expectations, this team is disappointing

    Lots of season left so hopefully they can fix it. But they seem to make the same stupid mistakes over. And Proem leaves in struggling players and takes out Burton when he is playing good. For the...
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    Unless it's an ali oop, just don't pass the ball to McKay

    Just bad things happen 98% of the time. He is horrible offensively with horrible hands. I bet if you go back and count all the turnovers either just trying to get the ball to McKay or the missed...
  15. Re: When was the last time there was this much excitement in football recruiting?

    When Chizik got Leonard Johnson then got Sedrick Johnson to Flip from A&M people were pretty excited. Both rivals 4 star. Can't remember the * kid he beat Michigan St out for as well. Looking back KO...
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    Re: Nader was amazing in the KU game.

    Miles Simon agreed. Said Nader was making a lot of bad decisions and Burton should be in cause he was definitely playing better today.
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    Re: Do we hope for a postponement Tuesday?

    Right now we get them down one of their best players. If you PP it he will probably be back. He must of done something awfully bad to get suspended by Huggins.
  18. Re: *** #14 IOWA STATE vs #5 Texas A&M Game(day) Thread ***

    Ah some of those turnovers were a result of the refs. 3 travel calls at least that weren't travels.
  19. Re: *** #14 IOWA STATE vs #5 Texas A&M Game(day) Thread ***

    That was ticky tack foul on Burton. This are the worst officials we've had all year.
  20. Re: RECRUITING: Prohm, Otz to watch Lewis tonight

    This recruiter was very familiar with him, and his family and AAU coach. I've known him for a while and he is straight shooter. Grades could be a problem. But when I asked him if he is a upper level...
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  • February 9, 2016
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