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  1. Re: *** #13 IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(day) Thread ***

    Huge win. Once the storm passes we can use the incorporate the "we overcame adversity" cliche and hopefully take advantage come tourney time.
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    Re: Former Oregon State qb now a Cyclone

    With the addition of Park is Kempt still a Cyclone?
  3. Re: Recap: Niang hobbled, ISU falls at Texas A&M

    Needed to bring the A game today and didn't have it, especially shooting wise. As long as Georges is okay that is all that matters.
  4. Re: *** #14 IOWA STATE vs #5 Texas A&M Game(day) Thread ***

    Missed the first two segments, no zone yet today?
  5. Re: Steve Prohm for Big 12 Coach of the Year?

    SP > Fred....?
  6. Re: *** #4 Kansas vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Impressive! I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.
  7. Re: Oil rebound anytime soon ? Stocks to watch or get in to?

    looks like we are going to give up most, if not all of the pump and dump that was QE3.
  8. Re: Prohm sheds tie, calls key TO in ISU win

    Might not have been our best win, but it was our most complete game. Most teams evolve over the course of a season and it was nice to see us begin that process yesterday. Go Clones!
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    Re: RIP David Bowie

    Iconic. Loved his back round on Under Pressure, almost haunting.
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    Poll: Re: What's this team missing?

    A boot in the ***?
  11. Re: *** Official Baylor vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Personnel, D and rebounding issues aside, one thing that can be done is pulling guys for jocking up 3's so early in a possession. Cost us big time in this game. We could have been up 20 if we ran the...
  12. Re: *** Official Baylor vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    We're deficient in a lot of areas. Won't surprise me if we finish conference play with 7-8 losses.
  13. Re: COLUMN: Top 12 moments from a wild 2015 in ISU athletics

    Good list. I'd throw Kyven's national title in there as well, it's been a while...
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    Re: Is Sutton in?

    Jeff Braswell and Brandon Brown are a couple of others just off the top of my head. Hope he commits!
  15. Re: Matt Campbell taks about his mid-year signees

    I think it's pretty safe to say, at least on paper, that the staff knocked it out of the park with these 5 guys. Very impressive resumes.
  16. Re: Depth chart talk - going into dead recruiting period

    Boy, that's a nice list. Can't wait to see both Northrup and Johnson when fall camp ends....

    I like Mills as well, played good ball down the stretch...
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    Re: What's left for 2016 recruiting class?

    I'd be happy if we can close those kids out. Then we can go from there. Update the list...
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    Re: Injury in the court storming (not player)

    Sounds like we need a volunteer to pick a couple of Foster's and a pint of Fireball and head to Merry Greeley? Do the deed... deep down Randy loves us.
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    Re: Can we learn from this?

    I hope our coach learned something. If you d-up MM against G, it's game over early and we don't have to sweat it out. WTF?
  20. Re: *** Official Iowa vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Where still soft, maybe we were just playing with them but we've got to be tougher to make a run...
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