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    Re: Big 12 Basketball Midseason Reset

    I think West Virginia finishes better than 5th. Advanced metrics say they should do better than that. I think the shorter shot clock this year enhances their pressing style of play, especially...
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    Re: Nader was amazing in the KU game.

    So true. Matt hits them when he is already set and just does that quick catch and shoot. Nader needs like a minute to line them up, but then they go in at a decent clip.
  3. Re: *** #4 Kansas vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Can I rep myself for saying we were more likely to win by double digit than Kansas at half?
  4. Re: *** #4 Kansas vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Deonte Burton's emoji should be a traffic cone.
  5. Re: *** #4 Kansas vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    We've been lulling KU to sleep for most of the game.
  6. Re: *** #4 Kansas vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    4 stops in a row unfortunately KU kept getting the board.
  7. Re: *** #4 Kansas vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    With as bad as that first half went, I still think ISU is more likely to win by double digits than KU.
  8. Re: *** #4 Kansas vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Niang's D on Ellis was pretty good.
  9. Re: *** #4 Kansas vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    On the bright side Nader was decent after that first turnover.
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    Re: Who's the best player in the State of Iowa...

    Assume you are picking players in a pick up game. Also assume you knew both players and weren't an ISU or Iowa fan. Pretty much every unbiased person would choose Niang.
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    Re: Is Matt Thomas the most improved player?

    I don't know if his moves are that much better, it's more he's making better decisions. He used to occasionally spin back into pressure but now seems to be ahead of the defense and goes to that fall...
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    Re: 2 postgame questions

    I seriously about lost it in this game. I haven't looked at the box score but it appeared to me ISU should have won this game by 20 points. In past games where teams went off from three, I thought...
  13. Re: *** Official #11 IOWA STATE vs #22 Cincinnati Game(day) Thread ***

    This game would be double digits if we hit some of these open looks for three.
  14. Re: *** Official Buffalo vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Team is stale tonight and Monte's play is probably the reason for that. We will probably still cover and be disappointed we didn't score 90 plus.
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    Current staff

    Who should get the chance to stay? I think Ayeni has done good things. Anyone else?
  16. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Kansas State Gameday Thread***

    Look at the bright side. We get a new coach.
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    Re: Matt Thomas vs. Chicago State

    I've been a hater on Matt mostly because he seemed to not be the shooter we all though he would be come gametime. A few posters have mentioned he wasn't all that great in high school at the three so...
  18. Poll: Re: Observations from Today's Win over the Buffahoes

    Monte got frustrated in the second half when he turned the ball over and that hurt his game. Nader looked better, but he still loves to drive that baseline and he'll continue to get trapped there by...
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    Poll: Re: Does this change things?

    The question is not whether CPR deserves to be fired, but whether we can find a better replacement. The answer is likely no, and so CPR stays.
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    Poll: Re: Does this change things?

    CPR is very likely back next year in my opinion. Pollard will weigh in at the end of the season and conclude privately that we are unlikely to find a better replacement this year. The only thing...
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