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  1. Re: ****Official Class of 2016 Recruiting Thread****

    Must be a late sleeper?

    CoreyEvens_10 Breakout of the day? Cheickna Dembele. Unbelievable footwork. Great length. Wants the ball. Counters down low #npsi
  2. Re: *** #13 IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(day) Thread ***

    This team seems to respond when their backs are against the wall, I am feeling a nice effort with the players locked in on defense. @ OSU has always been a tough game, but not having Evans means the...
  3. Re: 2016-17 Season: What Players Big 12 Teams are Losing, Returning, and Adding

    Unranked 2 star add for Bruce.

    (Not really a knock on the kid Webber seems to get solid players out of the unknowns)

    6'3 Cartier Diarra of West...
  4. Re: ****Official Class of 2017 Recruiting Thread****

    Per 247sports. Ranked #71 (video in link)

    Iowa State is the latest school to visit 2017 four-star...
  5. Re: *** #14 West Virginia vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Confident about this game for ISU. Having 4 players that can all handle the rock to help break the press is invaluable against WV. Holton suspended for huggy bear is also a big benifit.

    The only...
  6. Re: ANALYSIS: Park commits, what it means for future of QB position

    Welcome the CycloNation Jacob!

    It is obvious the staff wanted to give Lanning some competition going into next year. It really is a win for the staff, now Campbell has a second option for next...
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    Re: Texas gametime announced when?

    7:30 against a tourney team in Texas. Makes sense for ESPN to choose this game.. I think UT has a good chance to be ranked at that point too.
    I wonder if prime time on the ESPN mothership also puts...
  8. Re: ****Official Class of 2017 Recruiting Thread****

    @CoreyEvens_10 Georgia, Ole Miss, Iowa State, Murray State involved with the next guy up out Callaway High
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    Re: Front Line Next Season

    Ejim did contribute as a freshman and was simularly rated coming out of Brewster. That said, ME was forced to play due to the lack of bodies up front. I think Fred ideally would have RS Melvin if he...
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    Re: Front Line Next Season

    I wouldn't count on any freshman to come in and contribute right away. Just look a Skal Labarassie, Chieck Diallo, Carleton Bragg and Cliff Alexander recently as players who had trouble earning...
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    Re: Front Line Next Season

    The front court for next year will be a topic of debate all offseason. Thing is I doubt the names we are talking about now will be the same as what Prohm roles out out Nov. I expect at least 1 more...
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    Re: ISU #13 in AP Poll/ #14 in Coaches Poll

    The reason for the ranking isn't just about wins and loses but who you played and how you looked in the games too. Remember ISU has wins vs 1, 4 and 5 teams in the current AP. ISUs losses were all...
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    Re: MSU Recruiting Class

    Howland is a elite recruiter with a lot of success at UCLA, this is his first class coming in. I am very happy with Prohm but if the timing of CFH leaving was different BH would have been...
  14. Re: *** #14 IOWA STATE vs #5 Texas A&M Game(day) Thread ***

    Just realized that WV vs Fla is the game before ISU... :skeptical:

    Make sure to have ESPN3 fired up cause chances are there will be fouls and ESPN won't be going to College Station right at 1 PM....
  15. Re: Who's the best player in the State of Iowa...

    ISU's best half of basketball was Monday and ended with a 14 pt home win vs #4 team KU. :spinny:
  16. Re: SIAP: West Virginia's Holton suspended indefinitely

    Wow, this news is a break for ISU. 5 less fouls and shortens the game by 10 minutes.
    Seriously though that will be an adjustment for Huggy, and they play a lot of players in their rotation so it...
  17. Re: Which Big 12 contender has the easiest remaining schedule?

    Saw this on a KU message board and gives the Conference %'s per Ken Palm. No suprise that OU is the heavy favorite. Alot can happen and there'll be some unexpected game results but it is a good...
  18. Re: SOURCE: Jameel McKay's knee is structurally sound

    And after all the speculation the past two days... Go get'm JM.

    @TravisHines21 Jameel McKay will play Saturday per Prohm.

    @dylenmontz Jameel McKay said he never thought about sitting about...
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    Re: Cameron Lard eligibility review

    Babb has been getting a positive remarks from Prohm recently about his play in practice... Remember he was a top 150 player who originally went to Arkansas, he has talent.
    I am pretty confident...
  20. Re: If ISU were to beat Ta&m this weekend....

    Orginally I was thinking this would be the game to prove Iowa as a true top 10 team but after watching Maryland almost lose to NW and a loss to a strugling MSU and looking about their schedule (Best...
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  • HOOPS: Iowa State @ Texas Tech
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