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  1. Re: Twister Sister Summary - ladies fall again as offense stumbles

    "This team is a strange puzzle. There is no identity and no consistency. Coach Fen is earning his paycheck right now."

    I think this sums it up. Carlton will be a great, great player with...
  2. Re: Twister Sister Summary - ladies fall to Baylor

    Frankly, I think if we still had Fenstrom, regardless of whatever everyone thinks of her talent level, we would have won 2 or the last 3 games. But, we don't so that's it. Baylor was very...
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    Re: We Don't Boo at OSU

    You must have seen something I didn't ??? That's the first thing I saw when I tuned in during the 2nd half - a lot of empty seats. Also, looked like a lot of seats in the upper, mostly corners and...
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    Re: WBB: Fernstrom leaving ISU

    A big problem for me in this episode is the timing of the transfer. If you want to quit and transfer, do it in the off season. We don't want you here if you don't want to be here. However,...
  5. Re: Furnace going out...time for a new one. NEED HELP.

    Service Legends all the way.
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    Re: *New Uniform Thread*

    First, ditch the white helmet option. Dark helmets are best followed by gold.
    Second, ditch the "cyclone" ****** on the helmets. That's a throwback to Jim Walden days and a copy of what several of...
  7. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Another comeback and ISU takes the sweep of Iowa

    Thanks Cous -

    A couple of things that I noticed

    - Mere has really improved since the season's start; will be great to watch her continue; doesn't play like a freshman.
    - Carlton is special;...
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    Re: Concession Stands at Hilton

    Compared to the ones at Jack Trice, they're pretty fast. I'm always amazed how slow and inefficient they are. At least that season is over.
  9. Re: Hoiberg v Lebron Tonight (First regular season game as HC for Hoiberg)

    Agree - nice write-up and the way it is in the NBA. We need to hope that Hoiberg is successful or the pressure will be on to bring him back to ISU regardless of how successful ISU is.
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    Re: What We Need To See Against Baylor

    Interesting question. I'm not so sure we could beat Baylor with a 2 man advantage?
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    Re: Olson, ESPN: Time to give Lanning a shot?

    While I'd like to see Lanning, the Baylor game is likely the most challenging (to put it lightly) of any on this years schedule - not the choice game to try a new QB?
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    Who's calling the shots?

    Concerning the many appeals to have seen Lanning play more vs TCU, who is making that coaching decision? Is it Rhoads or Mangino? Remember, Mangino came with great hope of adding some inspiration...
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    Re: Update on Claire Ricketts

    Totally agree and totally respect that.
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    Re: Update on Claire Ricketts

    I love Maddie and the enthusiasm she brings. I've always hoped the best for and from her. However, from what I gathered, she was a project from the start; a turn-to recruit when we were unable to...
  15. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: It's hard to be optimistic anymore

    [QUOTE=tejasclone;4851267]I really, really, really don't understand how you go away from running the ball, controlling the clock, and keeping hte Tech offense on the sidelines... especially when you...
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    Re: Nice article on Carleton

    Thanks, Cous, for the nice article. Too bad, but basketball can't get here soon enough, given such football program disappointment.
  17. Re: Twister Sister Summary - an Interview with Angie Welle Edinger

    Wonderful article. Thank you, Cous.
  18. Re: What are some of the greatest shots in Cyclones basketball history?

    Lafester Rhoads (sp?) jumper from nearly midcourt against IA just prior to halftime - we went on to win in 3 ots.
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    Re: Why no quick slants

    Yes, I remember KU making us look stupid by running successful slants over the middle. I can't remember the receiver's name but I can still visualize, time after time in Jack Trice on Mangino's last...
  20. Re: When did you attend your first ISU football game and opponent - score?

    September, 1966. Don't remember the opposition or score, but we lost.
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