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  1. Re: With smoke on the water now allegedly dead, what would you like the new intro son

    Enter sandman at V-Tech is about the greatest entrance I've ever seen for college football. I would love to see it at ISU, honestly, but then we'd just get accused of 'copying' them. Oh
  2. Re: Which Big 12 contender has the easiest remaining schedule? does this work? I didn't know that you could end up with 132% total. I guess that's why Kenpom's math is so respected.
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    Re: Abe Vigoda dead (not a hoax, this time)

    When I was in High School, I hadn't yet seen the Godfather, so I had NO clue who Abe Vigoda was. This is the only way I knew of him.

    Conan's Tribute:

    RIP Abe! 94...
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    Re: Funny Story about The Mayor

    Yep, I had him for Bus Law in 1998! I never really liked him though...still sad to see he's passed.
  5. Re: Oil rebound anytime soon ? Stocks to watch or get in to?

    I'm taking a very hard look at PVAH, but the 1.2 Billion in Debt to only 3.3 million in liquid cash is startling.

    You are right...if they can get it...
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    Re: MSU loses yet again this time to the Huskers.

    Holy cow...I guess I knew the B1G was bad..but holy crap. Their conf RPI is BELOW the SEC!! DAMN!!

    In addition, wow, the Big 12 is by far the best conf...
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    Re: ku's hatred for us is hilarious

    Speaking of the booing. Who cares if we boo every questionable call. The point of the crowd is to get into the opponents' heads in ADDITION to the refs heads. If the crowd is booing like crazy,...
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    Re: Texas AM game matter or not?

    I'd like the Big XII to always pound any of the 'Defector' traitors by 20 points if possible. Screw those guys.
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    Re: Cyclone Fanati lingo/jokes that drives you nuts

    How has no one mentioned: "email pollard"
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    Re: Alan Rickman has passed away

    Man...this is depressing, one of my favorite actors.

    Not sure how many of you listen to the Hollywood Babble On Podcast, but I can't wait to hear Kevin Smith tell some stories about Alan Rickman...
  11. NFL: Re: Former Nebraska and NFL RB Lawrence Phillips found dead

    Yep, I had many a Steve Young and Jerry Rice posters on my walls. They are a few of my favorite players of all time. I've never hated a human being more than I did on that play. :)
  12. NFL: Re: Former Nebraska and NFL RB Lawrence Phillips found dead

    I ******* HATE Lawrence Phillips. As a Cyclone Fan, as someone who respects women, and as a 49ers fan he was the absolute worst human being possible.

    1.) He was a murderer & woman beater
    2.) ...
  13. Re: Former Butler player loses battle with cancer at 25

    Testicular Cancer (when I was 28) Survivor here. The best man in my wedding is currently finishing up treatment on Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

    **** CANCER! **** CANCER! **** CANCER! **** CANCER!!!!!...
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    Re: OT: Making A Murderer on Netflix

    I'm only through Ep 6, but to me the largest piece of evidence provided by the defense was that Lt. Co(l?)burn ran the plate numbers prior to the vehicle being found. You can clearly hear him...
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    Re: OT: Making A Murderer on Netflix

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    Re: joe lunardi has isu 4 seed in denver

    Completely agree. Watching this weekend's game, along with how we've competed in other games with lightweight competition justifies this position.

    What bothers me is that although the main...
  17. Re: MLB Hall Of Fame Vote: Ken Griffey Jr. record votes

    It really pisses me off that 3 ******** didn't vote for him.

    Ken Griffey Jr and Frank Thomas were my childhood idols. It was so fun being able to watch them.
  18. Re: WTB 4 Tickets for a few Weekend Games this season

    Bump Bump Bump Bump
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    Re: Smartest/Dumbest financial decision you've made

    HAHA...$500 / month for daycare. That's a good one. I pay $720 every 2 weeks for my twins.....

    I can't WAIT until they get to kindergarten. I will be like a 25K raise.
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    Re: Disney World over Christmas recap

    Haha..this is great info for me!!

    I'm going to take my twins (who will be 3.5 yrs old) next October. I wanted a down time, but before daylight savings and not too hot.
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