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  1. Re: We will be better next year if Monte comes back and healthy Naz

    we will probably finish 4-5 in the big 12 this year. can't lose 2 at home midway through conference.
    my guess. ou, KU, WVU, Baylor, ISU or Texas. Never would have thought this year we could be...
  2. Re: SURPRISE: Bailey Twins to sign w/ ISU, Analysis here

    is that the year they all either were not good, got kicked off, flunked out or got hurt?
    Seems like around 2003? back in the day where Steve Deace had his ISU vs Iowa arrest/kicked off tally board?
  3. Re: When was the last time there was this much excitement in football recruiting?

    excited yes.....But waiting to see if we go shot gun on 3rd and 2 inches with a 6-2 240lbs QB

    and we have more than .6 secs to throw the ball etc

    But heck yeah. I am on board right now.
  4. Re: *** #14 IOWA STATE vs #5 Texas A&M Game(day) Thread ***

    That was so weak. Panera bread commercial right on a AM miss
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    Re: Bondurant tenderloin

    Brick Street Market "Butler Cafe" is inside of it.
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    Re: Possible huge snow storm next week?

    I think the part that worries me is if we get any wind past 25mph with 1-2 inches of snow is bad.
    Not sure why they are coming up with 70mph as I can't remember when the last time we have had a...
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    Re: Possible huge snow storm next week?

    NICE! just laughed out loud at my desk on that one.
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    Re: WVU and Tuesday weather

    sarcasm? Yes realistically probably either nothing to a foot of snow and a ton of wind. still not ideal.
    and yes if people can't come I hope they get them on stub hub or somewhere etc.
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    Re: WVU and Tuesday weather

    Maybe we can all camp out?
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    Re: WVU and Tuesday weather

    That would be our luck. Lose to TAM and then get 20'' of snow and 70mph wind with 3K people at hilton.
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    Re: Is the B1G down this year?

    Here is how this plays out....

    Everyone says the BIG Sucks
    Then bowl season or the NCAA tourney shows up and the Big 12 doesn't do anything.

    So I am going to pass on running my mouth about...
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    Re: Big 12/SEC Challenge: Predictions

    I looked at the records and standings
    I think we should be favored in at least 6-7 of these games.

    I find it odd that their bottom 3 teams are not playing.
  13. Re: Missouri qb Eddie Printz to transfer - eligible to play immediately

    How many QB's do we currently have or have committed for next year?
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    Re: CBSSports Daily Ranking - ISU #7

    I am just thinking short term here and just for fun, but how cool would it be to win our next 4 games for the Feb 8th rankings?

    That would put them in couple week span of
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    Re: Cyclone Alley You Dissapoint me...

    Just a guy that wants a good education that is dumb enough to lose it.

    and yes...if it was my friend.
    me: you wearing that tonight?
    DB: yeah. love the hawks
    me: alright...lets go. (just...
  16. Re: CW back and forth with Jon Miller on twitter last night.....

    The biggest thing out of this is ISU has been the game of the Country for 2 weeks straight. we won both games and were talked about for hours on sportscenter on the following tues.

    Iowa beats...
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    Re: Texas aTm Game

    Worried about this game. TAM needs this game. We don't. they get to play like 1 more ranked team all regular season (and UK may not be ranked in 2 weeks with kansas and @Tenn next week)

  18. Re: Governor Branstad at the KU game hanging with the team

    I think one more reason older people don't like hoodies. they don't want to feel like they are trying to be hip.
    Sounds weird, but my wife stopped wearing Knee high boots a while ago for the same...
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    Re: Has anyone seen this before?

    I feel sad when I look at those pics. Its like the way things should be, but TV and Greed has taken it all away.

    But on the other hand....ISU bball is on ESPN like 25+ times this year. ISU...
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    Re: Matty Ice goes vertical

    Probably just a KU fan going to ISU etc. Probably just wanted to be "that guy"

    I remember we had a few KU fans at ISU we watched games with in our apartment complex during the tinsley fizer...
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