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    Re: Lard commitment?

    Bryan Petersen or Sean Haluska. I'm pretty sure one of them was on scholarship their Junior year and not their Senior year. I have vague memories of McDermott talking about this somewhere.
  2. Re: Boise State & Midland double dual in Hilton on Thursday

    Nope, he won't be available until after the legal stuff is sorted out. He has a court date in December (the 1st I think) so the earliest he could be back is after that.
  3. Re: (2) MBB Season tickets Sec 226 row 11 Aisle seats $3500

    This can't be true, nobody can be that out of touch with current TV prices. I've got a 60" rear projection LCD that I'll pay somebody $50 to carry out of my basement and haul away.
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    Wrestling Season Tickets?

    Has anyone received their season tickets yet? The first home meet is next week and I was thinking we should be getting tickets soon.
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    Re: Home technology setup

    Not exactly the question you asked, but if you have stuff you care about (like the 200GB of family pictures and video) only on the hard drive in your laptop you are just begging for heartache. You...
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    Re: ISU ranked first nationally!!!

    The amazing thing about it is you can play 4 quarters on it in the afternoon, take it home and and just get stoned to the bejeezus-belt that night.
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    Re: Tickets Have Arrived!

    Don't all the parquet seats now require a $5k and up donation now? I don't know how many were grandfathered in at lower donation levels before but the $5k level may have increased a fair amount this...
  8. Thread: Cutting cable

    by ricochet

    Re: Cutting cable

    I also prefer in the attic as long as it works but what the covenants say doesn't matter. Federal law allows you to put up an antenna or satellite dish up to 1 meter in diameter to receive TV signals.
  9. Re: Mediacom & Auto-Programming Channels - help?

    Your TV's tuner will only work with unencrypted channels. If those channels are encrypted you will need a box of some kind in order to get them. If those channels really are clear QAM then maybe...
  10. Re: Prohm talks Spain trip, his golf game, and "running with the bulls"

    I'll submit eating contests like the Nathan's 4th of July hotdog event and eating challenges where if you eat it fast enough it is free as the most American of dumb things.
  11. Re: Will Quenton Bundrage be eligible for a medical RS

    Tony Yelk is the last Cyclone I remember getting a 6th year. I don't remember the exact details but I think he did a regular redshirt and then had just one injury year. That would be pretty similar...
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    Re: JTS construction webcam?

    What are you going to do with the current Jack Trice Club ticket holders? That is over 500 of the biggest Iowa State donors. How much revenue do you think those center suites would generate? It had...
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    Re: Season Ticket Sales ?

    It took a few years before the Jack Trice club sold out and they never offered discounted prices. If you had club season tickets they did let you buy full price individual game tickets though. The...
  14. Re: ESPN maybe not as essential as they would have you believe?

    I might be the only one but I always watch ISU games delayed if possible. I don't really think that my enjoyment of the Big 12 tournament games, for example, suffered because somewhere somebody (OK,...
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    Re: Roth 401K or Traditional 401K

    Yep, that was probably confusing terminology on my part. I was just trying to say that if you put after tax money in a traditional IRA you pay taxes on the gains (and only the gains) when you...
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    Re: Roth 401K or Traditional 401K

    Did you read the note that says that calculator should not be used fo Roth 401(k) comparisons? It can be a useful tool but I think it is very misleading if you don't understand what it is doing.

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    Re: JTS construction webcam?

    First, 72 pages? You are doing it wrong.

    As far as the crane goes I think somebody is going to take it apart and mail it piece by piece to their parents in Ottumwa.
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    Re: Wisconsin Dells

    I've stayed at Sundara a couple of times and they don't allow kids which is nice. It does have a bit of what I'd call a new age feel to it and the food is a little too healthy but overall it is...
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    Re: JTS construction webcam?

    Is this true now? I know a few years ago the Jack Trice Club was sold out and Jaime gave up his suite to a paying customer. I'm curious how much the on field performance has eaten into the premium...
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    Re: UND mascot suggestions

    I can hear the chants now. Crucify them! Crucify them! I think you meant cavalry.
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