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  1. Re: REPORT: Campbell bringing OC, O-Line coaches with him to ISU

    I said I wanted a "Jerry Kill type" of hire. One thing Kill did better than just about anybody was keep his staff in tact. I'm pretty sure the OC & DC were with him for 19 years, at multiple...
  2. Re: ANALYSIS: Jeff Woody's take on the Matt Campbell hire

    I'm guessing if we had won more games (or were being competitive during the games) more fans would have stayed in their seats. I probably would have been at the bar drinking too. Winning cures...
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    Re: Matt Campbell's Staff

    Seems like it would be hypocritical of Campbell to be upset Ayeni left for ISU and then does the same thing.

    I would be disappointed if Campbell let a grudge or ego stop him from making the best...
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    Re: More "Under the Radar" Names

    I'd guess Chip Kelly will be looking for a new job pretty soon
  5. Re: Would we be a bowl team this year playing iowa's schedule?

    After they way we threw the game away against another 3-win (& definitely inferior) team on Saturday (just like Toledo & Oklahoma State games), I really have no idea if we'd do any better with Iowa's...
  6. Re: ISU #4 in AP Poll (11/23)

    I thought they finished the year #3 after the elite 8 run. (behind Michigan State & Florida). Am I remembering incorrectly?
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    Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    Not that Minnesota is competing for a national championship, but their program has improved significantly under Kill and it seems like it would have been sustainable too, if Kill was able to continue...
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    Re: Eustachy a Cyclone at heart.

    It's funny how several people have commented that they're glad "we're no longer playing that style of bball." I think you need to go watch some replays of LE's teams, especially with Tinsley. ...
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    Re: COLUMN: Joel Lanning storytime

    I really like Tribune, but somebody needs to show him how to catch a football! He's dropped multiple INTs the least few weeks, a couple could have been pick 6s too!

    Sure is nice to see our boys...
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    Re: 5 of you will win $100 today . . . .

    All your money are belong to me!
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    Re: Coach Jerry Kill retires immediately

    Sad news - Kill is a great coach and that's a big loss for Minnesota. Thoughts and prayers to him and his family!

    In considering possibly competing against MN for a coach & taking off the rose...
  12. Re: Hoiberg v Lebron Tonight (First regular season game as HC for Hoiberg)

    I have never cared about the NBA, but when I do have a very small amount of concern it has fallen towards dislike for the Bulls as well as LeBron! I am also not an Obama fan.

    I'm not sure if I...
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    Re: Refs calling 2 incomplete passes

    The one that I thought was very unique that I haven't seen before was the Bundrage TD / TCU Interception / Incomplete pass play.

    In order to overturn a call, they need indisputable video...
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    Re: Hanging with Baylor?

    At this point, is it possible to forfeit, spend and extra week preparing for Texas and getting Lanning more reps. This might be the first time ever that I will have a ability to watch ISU play on TV...
  15. Re: Whos the better QB, Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady?

    I don't really have a dog in this fight, but one stat that is a glaring omission in the OP is # of Championships.

    As usual, too late
  16. Re: Texas Tech Rewatch (because I want to be depressed more Saturday)

    This is overly myopic, but when I watched our games last year, I pretty much always walked away thinking that there is no hope for improvement, we just don't have the talent to stay even close with...
  17. Re: RECRUITING: 4-star Chicago SG to visit this weekend

    Are you suggesting that the press is no longer an option because most teams have multiple ball handlers on the floor?

    WVU was incredibly effective this past year with their press. Done right,...
  18. Re: Travis Hines: A look into the ISU BBall program and the Athletic Dept

    I haven't read the whole thread so this is likely a duplicate post from somebody else...but, I can only imagine the damage control being worked on by the Athletic department now. How many questions...
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    Re: Dish Network, DirecTV, or Mediacom

    Have had both Dish and DTV. Though some of Dish's channel disputes get annoying, I do appreciate how hard they fight to keep the price low. The hopper is awesome and with built-in Sling and Netflix...
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    Re: Win $$$ tomorrow night!


    Go Cyclones!
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