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  1. Thread: Percy/Sherron

    by J-Diggy

    Re: Percy/Sherron

    No need to triple team, just don't let him go left/shoot with his left hand. Love the guy but his right arm is there for decorative purposes only.
  2. Re: Unofficial Friday Off Topic: what's your drunk food of choice?

    Back in college QT was between the bars and my house. Sucker for the Red Hot Frozen Burrito (don't judge me!).
  3. Re: What are some of the greatest shots in Cyclones basketball history?

    Marcus Fizer fade-away at KU. Dagger in their hearts.
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    MLB: Re: 2015 Minnesota Twins thread

    It's been a great race between those three teams down the stretch. Everyone is playing pretty well. Twins win 6 our of last 8 and don't gain any ground. That's tough. The one Perk blew on Friday...
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    Re: Regents to Review AIB Campus

    This is the same old BS argument that always comes up to rationalize ISU's rapid growth.

    The REGENTS set admission standards for all the state schools. They are the same at Iowa as they are at...
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    MLB: Re: 2015 Minnesota Twins thread

    So....what will it take to secure the wild card. I think there are 25 games left or so. Does 15-10 get it done? That would be 86 wins. Might take one or two more than that IMO but it will be...
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    Re: images from UNI-Iowa State game

    Love the one of Sam and the honorary kid captain. Nice work!
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    MLB: Re: 2015 Minnesota Twins thread

    Need to get Santana right or it's going to be tough to pull this off. He's sucked for the last month. Luckily the bullpen bailed him out last night.

    I'm having so much fun watching this team. ...
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    Re: Drake Commit? - **Non-ISU**

    That girl is a beast. Very aggressive, shots 3s ok, and runs over people instead of around them. Probably not quick enough or tall enough for ISU but still a very nice, and very competitive, player.
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    Re: Favorite Golf Courses

    Top 5 in Iowa:
    1. Des Moines Golf (North and South)
    2. Harvester (kicks my ***)
    3. The Legacy
    4. TCI
    5. Honey Creek

    Value Picks (course for the money):
    1. Otter Creek
    2. Jester
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    Re: Basketball in Des Moines

    Valley Community Center does have open gyms for adults. I've played there a few times over lunch. In the summer the college guys were back and the talent level was pretty good. Before that it was...
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    Re: Yellowstone and Glacier National Park

    You won't regret the Museum of the Rockies decision. My kids loved it.

    Outside the park, we went to Chico Hot Springs for a day. Soaking in the naturally warm waters will enjoying an adult...
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    Re: Yellowstone and Glacier National Park

    My sister used to work in Yellowstone and still lives in Livingston. Very fun area.

    I love the canyon area of the park. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone has waterfalls, a staircase to the bottom (not...
  14. Re: PODCAST: Setting CCL playoff betting lines

    Hey, I'm just passing on information. CW is the one setting the betting lines. :smile:

    Email from compliance in
  15. Re: PODCAST: Setting CCL playoff betting lines

    Couple notes:
    - No need for Ray Miler to "come out of retirement". He is playing for Hannah Homes. Probably his 10th Cap City season in a row at least. A Ripken-esque streak.
    - I'll take...
  16. Re: CCL RECAP: Big night for Burton, ADIO clinches top seed

    Will be interesting to see how that shakes out.

    I see his points (my assumption of his points at least) - risk of injury, not controlled by ISU, etc.

    On the flip side the amount of good will it...
  17. Re: CCL RECAP: Big night for Burton, ADIO clinches top seed

    Nader played one game and scored 40 or so.

    He was out of town for a couple games and last night both he and Thomas didn't have a ride down to Des Moines, or at least not one that was going to wait...
  18. Re: CCL RECAP: McKay hits game-winner in debut (video)

    Ashton can really stroke it. Didn't hurt that his first 4-5 attempts were uncontested. Once he got it rolling he definitely got in the zone. He's a pretty good looking player IMO. Doesn't wow you...
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    Re: Major sporting events attended...

    1983 World Series final game (5 I think) - Orioles/Phillies / NL Championship Series Phillies/Dodgers
    1983 East Conference Finals - Game 5 Sixers over Milwaukee
    US Open and PGA Championship at...
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    Re: Golf in DSM area

    If you walk Waveland on a really hot, humid day like today you know you've accomplished something.

    Course has been in really good shape last couple of years. Very good value and plenty hard...
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