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    Poll: Re: Burton Expectations

    This team needs another interior defender more than a scorer, but that's not fair to put on Burton. I would love to see Hogue 2.0. We don't really have any players that play chippy yet this year and...
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    Re: Thomas and Nader

    Both players appeared to have improved their games from last season. I also think the consistent playing time is a huge benefit. Since we had 3 guys that could come off of the bench last year, the...
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    Re: Aggies beat the Zags to move to 6-0

    Setting up like an old bracket buster game. Even though neither team will be searching for quality wins I'm guessing it can boost one of us up or cement at prime seed in the tournament.
  4. Re: Worst kept secret: ISU wants shot at UAB in Emerald Coast Classic

    Since Illinois isn't an exciting match-up either, I want to see us play UAB. I know it means nothing, but much more interesting story line.
  5. Re: Differences from last year to this year - coaching angle

    Since a difference from last year to this year is you are allowed to dunk in pregame warm-ups, I feel I can ask the question about Naz's health in this thread. The dunks he throws down in warm-ups do...
  6. Re: Differences from last year to this year - coaching angle

    I don't think it's anything to worry about. Just coaching style. If we looked lost on the court while he was yelling out plays, then it'd be concerning. I laugh because I usually can only make out...
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    Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Chattanooga preview

    ISU may be the worst team to put a 3/4 court press on, especially in Hilton. Their defensive effective fg% of 59.4% should be fun to see.
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    Re: Down goes #4 KU

    6 games sounds like a lot, has he been in the dog house before with Self?
  9. Re: Did anyone watch Abdel Nader during the pregame warmup?

    Last year some teams would try to guard Niang with their 3, in order to slow his drives. I think Nader makes that harder to do since he is more of a straight line driver and can really take advantage...
  10. Re: Abdel Nader considered leaving ISU. Now he's all in.

    I was just curious how the Nader leaving storing came up today? Who brought it up? It didn't seem like any of the reporters were sitting on it since no one broke the story.
  11. Re: Did anyone watch Abdel Nader during the pregame warmup?

    I think we started the 2nd half of the Chicago State game with the lob play that we ran to BDJ a lot last year. With the dribble hand-off action at the top of the key, Georges ends up with the ball...
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    Re: Depth is Fine

    Last year Nader and Hogue would sub into the front court ahead of Edozie. So far this year we only have Nader available for depth. It is definitely a concern. I still think one of the freshmen could...
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    Re: Winter Ale Season

    I'd forgotten about the Fireside Nut Brown. That was some good stuff.
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    Re: Winter Ale Season

    Thanks for the suggestions. My co-worker told me about the Anchor Steam, and I appreciate the effort the brewery puts behind it. The recipe changes each year as does the hand drawn label.
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    Winter Ale Season

    I always love the winter ales as I think the spiced complex winter ales are a great change of pace, especially in cold weather. Just curious to see what people like out there?

    I always pick up a...
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    Re: Bosch dishwasher never shuts off

    Pulled this from a quick google search. Take it for what it's worth.

    When a machine is continuously cycling but appears to be draining ok, then it is because the machine is unable to pass a...
  17. FS: Re: Two mens basketball tickets ISU / Chicago State. Parquet

    I'm selling my extra seats, not parquet but in Hilton at least. Section 228 Row 13 seats 11 and 12. Asking $20 apiece.
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    Re: Monte Morris Sore Back?

    Anyone else catch Montè thanking Prohm for green lighting his midrange game in his post game with Walters?
  19. Re: *** Official Grand Valley State vs #7 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Love Naz, but he makes some horrible decisions when he runs the point. He always seems to try and press so much.
  20. Thread: 3SUS!

    by Cyientist

    Re: 3SUS!

    I'd compare Naz to Jake Sullivan, only Naz may only be the 4th scoring option on this team. Hopefully he can sustain through the season.
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