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    Re: What do you all think of this guy?

    I'd be fine with it. Anything to give me hope next season.
  2. Re: COLUMN: Your Tuesday afternoon coaching search update

    My worry on some of the coaches here is they are running copy cat systems to schools already in the league. If we bring in a copy cat coach we will always be behind on scheme and recruits for that...
  3. Sticky: Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    Peeps - the Cyclone football program has an identity crisis. The chrisis is we have no identitiy. I see people wanting us to be Oregon with Frost, or be Baylor with a Briles desiphle, ect.. The...
  4. Sticky: Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    If you notice when they talk about coahes who are building programs. Every situation is a coach bringing a new offense or a new somthing to a league that has not seen that done yet. See Mike Leach,...
  5. Sticky: Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    I think this needs to go one of two ways and each one brings in a guy with a chip on his shoulder. We bring in a young gun whos got his eyes set at the top of the mountain or we bring in the Vetran...
  6. Re: Internal Issues

    Staff was weak durring those years.
    Player turnover was high.
    Injuries were high.

    I think Paul's staff kind of fell apart after the initial staff had it first big turnover. When the staff...
  7. Re: Rhoads speaks on the Big 12 teleconference

    Paul noted in this article the struggles that were internal in 2013 and 2014. I think that is a players and coaching staff situation. Those are the problems that a HC has to take care of quickly. ...
  8. Sticky: Re: How fast will Pollard Move.

    I agree. We will know before the bowl games.

    There is a lot of coaching turn over right now. Not a bad thing lots of coaches looking for jobs. Easy to build a staff maybe? Lots of top...
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    Re: New Coach, New Culture

    New unforms are a must for a new regime.
    No more 20+ yard cusions on 3rd down. I swear every opposing team just quickly ran 2 bad plays so we would go to 3rd and long so they could throw a 15 yard...
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    Re: Lanning...Lazard...Warren...

    Offense should be OK. Need to reinfoce the staff with someone young and hungry. Wally needs to go and so does 80% of his philosiphy. The kids have decent fundamentals but 20 yard cushions on 3rd...
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    Re: These Are Our School Colors

    They need new football uniforms next year so people will think we got a new team. No the team that Paul usually rolls out there and blows leads. Need to hit the reset button on the football team...
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    Re: Mangino OUT as OC. Sturdy is the guy!

    The staff the last few years has not done well with developing talent as well as recruiting and maintaining quality coaching talent.

    This scenario just plays right in to the failures of this...
  13. Re: Its a shame, this team is 1 FG away from a positive outlook on the season to date

    CPR does not have the kids prepared to win. That is why they shoot themselves in the foot. That is coaching and it is what good coaches get accomplished. You can't beat the other team of you lose...
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    Re: Head Coach Next Season

    Mangino's offensive creativity in the Toledo game was probably the most exiting thing in ISU football over the last few years. Showed that is someone trying to do something about losing.

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    Re: BLUM: The tall tale of Troy...

    I miss the big shoulder pads and the o line looking huge!
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    Re: Friday 5(a): Favorite NFL helmets

    The Raiders hands down is the best helmet in football. There is nothing else like it.

    Is has been a rough decade for them. However they remain one of the best selling apparel teams because of...
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    Re: Worst Places to Live In Iowa (article)

    Centerville is not a bad spot. Great country down there as well as Rathbun lake just a couple minutes from town.

    In Iowa I think people gravitate to the good of their community not dwell on the...
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    NFL: Re: NFL Offseason Thread

    Can't stand the pats!

    Signed Raiders Fan still bitter about the tuck rule.
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    Re: Wow, I'm fired up about the new coach!

    I was not going to be excited for this hire regardless of who it was. The guy is not going to be the Mayor.....

    That said this guy seems like a guy who gets it when it comes to basketball and...
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    Re: Will next year be the last year in KC?

    They have to keep it in KC right......... Everyone raves about how good the big 12 mens tourney has been the last 5 years or so why would you monkey wrench your own good fortune?
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