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  1. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Kansas State Gameday Thread***

    Lol u guys really suck
  2. Thread: Big Ten


    Re: Big Ten

    Big 12 continually gets embarrassed in previous BCS bowl games and their bigger bowl games when they face teams that actually play defense.

    Going to happen again this year.
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    Re: ***Official Iowa vs Iowa State Gameday Thread***

    This game isn't even close if Ott and Daniels don't get hurt.

    Enjoy that empty new end zone in a few weeks
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    Re: Building a New House

    We didn't build our first house, bought a new one but we are well aware of what we will want in our second house if we do go with a builder.

    No sliding glass doors. French doors or anything else....
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    Re: Chipotle delivered.

    Will someone please just open a burrito place in the Waukee area, all these strip malls and nothing

    Any chain, I don't care at this point, I'll settle for Qdoba if that's what it takes
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    Re: Apple vs. Android

    I really hope they both bought plasma tvs and PS3s
  7. Re: Chains that you didn't know where chains at first

    There is a new Pita Pit opening off Hickman in Clive/Waukee soon

    I had forgotten about Paul Reveres, my dad loved that stuff
  8. Re: $1,000 Bracket Challenge from!

    Thanks again for doing this, even though I didn't win, you put me in the position to make 500 bucks that I would've never normally made (I don't bet on sports). Unfortunately, it cost my friend 500...
  9. Re: *** Official Wisconsin vs Duke NCAA Championship Game Thread ***

    The UK.Wisconsin game was bad enough, but those calls went both ways. Duke got every single call (and more importantly no call) in this game late. Nice job missing him stepping out of bounds too.
  10. Re: $1,000 Bracket Challenge from!

    I'm glad I hedged my at college horrendous. Never fails with Duke.
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    Re: ***Official Kentucky Police Scanner thread***

    I dont know where to put this, so Ill post it in here
  12. Re: $1,000 Bracket Challenge from!

    And the OP is awesome for doing these 1k contests. We live in Waukee and will likely be looking for a larger home in the area within the next 3-4 years, you'll be the first agent I contact Mark. Our...
  13. Re: $1,000 Bracket Challenge from! gonna hedge your bet? I think I'm laying down 500 on Duke even though I think Wisconsin is going to beat Duke, not gonna risk it. Looks like early line is a pick em, good game to...
  14. Re: $1,000 Bracket Challenge from!

    I really want to hedge a bet with a friend, but the few people that picked Duke to win it all could screw me.
  15. Re: $1,000 Bracket Challenge from!

    Lol, I'm right here.

    Wisconsin is gonna screw me though, I wont win. I wish I could switch my pick to Kentucky, I just didn't want to have to cheer for them. Even though I had them in my Final...
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    Re: Sweet 16 games thread

    Big Ten has been far superior to the Big 12 in the tournament for quite awhile now, only downfall is their poor record in the NC game with like 6 different programs.
  17. Re: ***Official NCAA Round of 64 Day 2 Thread***

    I dont think its just you....well because this may the first day EVER in NCAA tournament history that no seeding upsets happened in first round....Providence is the only possible team left that might...
  18. Re: NCAA TOURNEY #12 NDSU v #5 ISU LETS start this up

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    Re: How did SMU only get a 6 seed?

    They didn't

    They also had no business winning that game, awful call and missed an awful no call on UCLA travel right before that
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    Re: The Killing...

    3rd and 4th seasons are by far the best. Peter Sarsgaard is great in the 3rd season. The 4th season was a Netflix season and not AMC so it was limited episodes which actually made for a really good...
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