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    Re: Defensive Coordinator Possibilities?

    The players will be happy when we win more than 3 games. Campbell gives us a good shot at doing just that.
  2. Re: Over / Under on "competitive " new Head Football Coach Salary?

    A bunch of fans with keyboards are really setting the market for coaching salaries? Seriously, this post is fail. You pay what needs to be paid to get your guy. Like alarson said, the top 50 programs...
  3. Re: REPORT: Campbell bringing OC, O-Line coaches with him to ISU

    Pipeline? While we were recruiting Texas, everyone in the conference will recruit Texas. How many impact players were from that state last year? None of the top four WR, the top 2 RBs, or the bulk of...
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    Re: Fire Rhoads NOW!!!

    You should be permabanned for this post. Get out and help your coach pack.
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    Re: Gonna get an XB1

    Its a hybrid drive, so kind of. XBOX needs to try and squeeze everything it can to try and get this thing to compete with the PS4 from a performance standpoint.
  6. Thread: Charlie Sheen

    by brett108

    Re: Charlie Sheen

    Saliva doesn't carry the infection. Keep the discussion on Charlie or the black hole of the cave is going to be sucking in this thread.
  7. Re: I know I am going to get blasted for this, but a lot of this loss is on Lanning

    pretty sure he is a RS senior. That precludes coming back man.
  8. Re: I hope the CFP Committee hoses the Big 12 again.

    We beat Iowa as much as not. Dropping that game is stupid. People need to stop acting like that will make our schedule manageable.
  9. Re: ***Official Oklahoma State vs Iowa State Gameday Thread***

    But Todd Sturdy was the answer man....
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    Re: Hallice Cookie Defense

    Indeed, but we have to get this title edited...
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    Re: SEC Myth - Iowa Nice Guy

    I find it funny that the whole nation is wrong, but you are right. There is only one person that needs a reality check here. Remember how bad TCU was and now they are running over the conference...
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    Re: Where is Sam Seonbuchner?

    I have said this before, but if you lined up the RBs and raced them, Warren would win that race. He is the best talent on the team and is getting the majority of the reps. No offense to Tyler, but we...
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    Re: SEC Myth - Iowa Nice Guy

    Its two football games. That's it. Arkansas is bad and Tennesee gave their games against OU away. It was no spanking. The inferiority complex of the non-SEC fan is ridiculous.
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    Re: SEC Myth - Iowa Nice Guy

    Don't bother using the facts and the dominance in all but the recent championship games. Idiots will choose to believe what they want to. The SEC is not the second coming but they are consistently...
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    Re: Warren almost to 1,000

    It was the Joe Mixon commit that opened the door from someone outside the state to bring him in. Mixon was the best recruit OU had in years, and they essentially shut down RB recruiting after it....
  16. Re: Will CW and Charter eat crow in the FAWCast??

    Whoa there. Tech and TCU were scoring at will. One punt and you still lose that game. This scheme could keep it close, but thinking Boykin would be as inept as Swoopes is really reaching. Tech also...
  17. Re: Thank you to the true Cyclone Fans who attended the game.

    The OP came here trying to pick a fight. He succeeded. That is all. Stop trying to validate it. Start a thread celebrating the win not this "True Fan" crap if you just want to celebrate.

    BTW its...
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    Re: Not Enough for the Haters

    Wait who is the head coach again? It is absolutely Rhoads fault. Get out.
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    Re: Lazard vs Blythe

    Its probably still faster than what Lazard will run.

    The only thing Blythe did not have that Lazard does is recruiting hype. Really, you guys are using a recruiting service to tell me that Lazard...
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    Re: Coaching Graveyard or Great Place to Coach?

    How? When Pollard said this was the Pinkel-like experiment I had to double take. Pinkel had won 10 games at his university before and taken them to some respectable bowls. CPR had a winning record....
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