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    Re: Refridgerator Repiar in Ankeny

    Greenes has always been good to me.
  2. Re: North Carolina playing in Cedar Falls this Saturday??

    BIG Week for the Panthers.

    Got wins over Souther Ill and Purdue
    and Wins over SF Austin, Marquette and UNC.

    Nice job guys.

    I hope we beat them by 20, but we will probably be lucky to score...
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    That would have been fun to have a home game this
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    Re: Lanning...Lazard...Warren...

    I still think with Lanning we beat Iowa. Toledo was a joke.

    we should be sitting here at 5-5 right now with 2 winnable games left.

    instead we are at best going to have 5 wins if we win out. ...
  5. Re: College Football Playoff Rankings (Nov. 17)

    The only thing I will add to this is how Iowa isn't penalized for playing close to Maryland, Indiana and Minnesota which is combined 1-17 in league. Then they play Purdue who is 1-5/2-8 this week at...
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    Re: Intro Video

    just kill smoke on water and jock jams.
    the rest will figure itself out.
  7. Re: Possible Rape at Home of Nebraska Football Players

    I am convinced its Iowa's year.
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    Re: Concession Stands at Hilton

    I know that.....

    My biggest complaint is $4.50 for a fricking bottle of water. I can buy a 24 bottles at Sams for that. its not just ISU. its everywhere.

    I found out that I can actually...
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    Re: Concession Stands at Hilton

    I have no problem with ISU concessions other than the price of water at football games.

    Not too mention they always run out. or they don't have a "we are out of water" sign so you don't wait in...
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    Re: When to cheer for the Hawkeyes?

    I always say watching and rooting for a team in the Iowa vs Nebraska game is like being forced to kiss your mom or your sister. No good answer.

    This year its like being forced to kiss either your...
  11. Re: CFP Committee has built in B1G/SEC bias says Fox's Joel Klatt

    Just hope that MSU beats OSU
    Nebby beats Iowa
    OSU loses to Mich
    Then MSU beats Iowa in the title game

    OU/Okie St wins out

  12. Re: I know I am going to get blasted for this, but a lot of this loss is on Lanning

    I would say the following lost the game:
    throw to the endzone that got overturned was poorly thrown. He was wide open. it wasn't terrible but not good.
    Then he missed the throw that would have...
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    Re: South Park "Safe Space"

    Little hard to watch, but he has a lot of good points.

    Shows you what normal college professors have to put up with today.
  14. Re: Unhappy Campers: Colorado jn PAC 12 Denver Post Article

    I remember I was on Travel in Fort Collins when they bounced.
    Their fans were so obsessed with the better venues, cities they could play in. Would help out with recruiting etc.

    Man...has there...
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    Re: South Park "Safe Space"

    This is so spot on. I am really tired of entitled HS and College kids. No respect for anything and think they are oppressed. They should take every HS kid as a requirement through Chicago,...
  16. Re: *** Official Colorado vs #7 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Looks like we are right in line with last year. Great team.....with a few stupid results.
    There is a reason teams have a "coming to Jesus moment" on the 3 point line against us.

    Is there a...
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    MLB: Re: Twins Trade Aaron Hicks

    couldn't we get like 5 good players for Mauer's Salary alone? Disappointed :(
  18. Re: College Football Playoff Rankings (Nov. 10)

    Does anyone else feel like Barry is a bully and control freak? maybe he isn't but I just have that feeling.
  19. Re: College Football Playoff Rankings (Nov. 10)

    Does this make it sound better? Iowa is 5-0 in the Big Ten.
    Purdue, Minny, Nebby, Ill, Mary, Indiana combined have 6 total wins in the Big Ten Right now.

    combine that with and FCS win, 3 Win...
  20. Re: College Football Playoff Rankings (Nov. 10)

    I still think the Big 12 gets hosed. maybe that is a good thing. Put pressure to add BYU/Cincy or whoever.

    This is like a big game of dodge ball and Iowa is the fat kid in the corner hiding...
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