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  1. Re: What are movies you hate that everyone else loves

    Anchorman and Zoolander.

    Yes, I know, I hate America. :twitcy::twitcy:
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    U Minnesota Student Riots

    So the students riot after a SEMI-FINAL victory in the Frozen Four.

    My question - should the university president pull the team out...
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    Re: Who Makes NCAA travel Arrangements?

    A lot of the air travel is dependent upon charter planes and their availability. Because of the sizes of the traveling parties - the team, coaching staff, pep band and cheerleaders, charter flights...
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    Stillwater Sweep...

    Does anyone know if ISU basketball has ever swept at Stillwater (Men's and Women's)?
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    Re: ***2014 Bracketolgy***

    It's actually on the bracketology.

    NCAA College Basketball Tournament Bracket Predictions -
  6. Re: *** Official Iowa State at West Virginia Game (Day) Thread ***

    Seems like he'd rather be calling an Iowa game with as much as he's talking about them.
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    ESPN Bracketology

    Bracketology - Women's College Basketball Brackets and Predictions - ESPN

    Creme has us as a #3 seed in the Stanford Regional.
  8. Re: *** OFFICIAL Texas Tech at #11 Iowa State Game (day) Thread ***

    Seemed like something of a phantom problem. I didn't notice our players "slipping" on the court. I likened it to soccer players "flopping" to make things look worse than they really are.
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    Re: BCS Championship Game Florida St vs Auburn

    This Florida State grad is going to bed VERY happy tonight. :smile:

    Just as soon as I finish shopping for a National Championship t-shirt. :yes:
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    A little bit of a slip up in the wrap-up.......

    Cyclone Game Ball Goes To...
    Georges Niang. During the struggle that was the first half, it was Niang who helped steady the Iowa State...
  11. re: ***Official Iowa State vs. Iowa Gameday Thread (Women)***

    From what I saw the Iowa player was upset over being called for the (obvious) foul. It looked to me as if she slung the ball out of frustration. From the right angle, it would have definitely...
  12. Thread: Maddie

    by ISU3PtLand

    Re: Maddie

    Look for Jordan Jensen (6'2' Freshman) to start getting some minutes. She's going to have to learn quickly. I'd also look for Fallon to help take some of the minutes that Maddie was filling when...
  13. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies crush UNI

    Early in the second half, one of the officials injured her ankle - I watched her hobble towards to locker rooms. Evidently she was the brains of the officiating crew as the two guys who remained...
  14. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Pics from the first half of EWU game

    I think it's safe to say that Bill's comments might have had to do with the officiating. I'm at the tournament and from what I've heard (from a guy who heard it from a guy, etc), the officials might...
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    South Point Thanksgiving Shootout

    The ladies play this Friday and Saturday in Las Vegas.

    Who's In?!
  16. Thread: Wallabys?

    by ISU3PtLand

    Re: Wallabys?

    I've heard rumors that a central Iowa barbecue chain is interested in the Ames area.

    Current locations - Drake neighborhood, Altoona, Waukee, Ankeny, Johnston (opening soon)..... Ames?
  17. Re: Worst Book You Ever Read ... But Still Finished

    "The Corrections" by Jonathan Frantzen. It was an "Oprah's Book Club" selection that Frantzen actually asked her to not pick. THe book was TERRRIBLE! At the end I thought, "What?!"
  18. Re: Former Iowa State star quits before coaching first game at Ankeny

    I can't speak for other coaching positions at Ankeny, you'd need to talk to them about that. What I can speak to is what K.B. was told by the Human Resources department. K.B. has chosen to remain...
  19. Re: Former Iowa State star quits before coaching first game at Ankeny

    I'm employed with another district. I only know what has been shared with me by Kelsey. She had been recruited by Ankeny and when she was offered the job, she was encouraged to apply for the...
  20. Re: Former Iowa State star quits before coaching first game at Ankeny

    I believe this is a case where someone with the district recruited a coach believing that they could hire her and then set her up with a full time position before checking with human resources. ...
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