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  1. Re: COLUMN: Pros and cons of the Matt Campbell hire

    In regards to recruiting, CW mentions how important the state of Texas is, for '14, '15, '16(only 1 player) we have a total of 10 players from TX. Don't get me wrong, I get that TX is the best...
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    Re: SOURCE- Campbell signs with ISU

    Not sure who we could have gotten that would make fans happy, this guy has won everywhere he's gone, he's well respected at such young age and you are kidding yourself if you don't think he would...
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    Re: Toledo's 2016 Recruiting Class

    I think this is valid but let's be honest, CPR was nearly always filling his classes up in Jan/Feb. That' means we were dropping the ball or failing to identify the right type of guys to fit our...
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    Re: Thomas and Nader

    WOuldn't shock me at all to see Burton start and either Matt or Cooke still come off the bench next year, just to have that solid 6th man. I also think Donovan Jackson will compete for starters...
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    Re: Thomas and Nader

    Nader is playing great but he still has lapses on defense, he's gotten better but the season opener against CU, he was really slow rotating out on their 3pt shooters. IMO that's his only weakness and...
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    Re: Seeing why Gregg Marshall was looking to

    They could survive the injuries if it was during Valley play but this is just bad timing, they'll only lose a couple more times this year.
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    Re: Morning after Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving overeating keeps plumbers in business, in the plumbing biz its called "Brown Friday"
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    Re: Aggies beat the Zags to move to 6-0

    Prohm inherited ISU's toughest schedule in many years
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    Re: Bryan Peterson Impressed by Donovan Jackson

    We don't need 2 this year but we have them in Morris and Niang, based on what we've seen from Cooke and Jackson, I would guess Hallice will be coming off the bench next season as well. ISU fans are...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite Football Coach Candidate?

    My preference would be someone with HC experience and an offensive background, if we're going coordinators, I think I'd like Alford over Frost.
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    Re: Bryan Peterson Impressed by Donovan Jackson

    I've seen Jackson a couple of times this year and several last year, he's a more natural PG but he has a great looking shot and is super quick, both off the dribble and when making passes, he whips...
  12. Re: COACHING SEARCH: Wednesday, Nov. 25 evening update

    The most encouraging thing to me about all these names is that they are offensive guys
  13. Re: This is just smoke now but thoughts on ACC conf breaking up

    I don't necessarily think they'll split up but it's possible it could turn into a basketball schools vs the football schools situation, similar to the old Big East.
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    Re: COLUMN: Hire Seneca and Sage as assistants

    I think it would depend on what type of offense the new guy wants to run but having either as a QB coach doesn't seem unreasonable. I'm not a fan of hiring them just to hire them but if they fit in,...
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    Re: ****Official Class of 2016 Recruiting Thread****

    Weird that article left out Donovan Jackson
  16. Re: This is just smoke now but thoughts on ACC conf breaking up

    Money troubles in the ACC will expose cracks in their foundation between the football and bball schools, the TV cash settled those issues temporarily but things like this could open them back up.
  17. Re: What, no love here for K-State toying with Missouri?

    K State is looking good, up 1 early in the 2nd
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    Re: WILLIAMS: What's next (potential candidates)

    Who do we have that would an option QB? Lanning? He's a perfect fit for the power spread, where he is the "extra" guy in the backfield but triple option QB's are typically small, quick guys. That...
  19. Re: COLUMN: Your Tuesday afternoon coaching search update

    I could see it making sense if this was a team with any kind of an identity or a winning culture to hold on to but neither apply to ISU right now. IMO the only guy you keep is Ayeni, that's basically...
  20. Re: JP holds all the keys - He has taken a difficult first step - The next step is...

    Utah is the only team that was out of our league that we played under CPR, the problems with the schedule have nothing to do with the non con. Those struggles were on the coaching staff that couldn't...
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