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  1. Re: COLUMN: Pros and cons of the Matt Campbell hire

    First and foremost, CW, Rob, Woody, and the whole crew, thank you for the excellent daily coverage with our coaching searches this year! It's invaluable insight you guys bring us "locally", not...
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    Poll: Re: Over/Under on hiring timeline

    Let's not forget a rather important coaching change on Pollard's watch...

    Fred Hoiberg Leaves 6/2/2015
    Steve Prohm Hired 6/8/2015
    6 days
    (preceded by the help of a staffing agency several weeks...
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    Re: WILLIAMS: What's next (potential candidates)

    A hire of CSC (Coach Surprise Candidate) has my support! He's a nice guy, bought me a beer once. +100, would drink again.
  4. Feedback: Re: Can we get stereo audio on #AskCW and #CFTV vids?

    I'm not opposed to running the 'Bathroom' or 'Concert Hall' environment filter over their voices either.
  5. Feedback: Can we get stereo audio on #AskCW and #CFTV vids?

    I've noticed #CFTV segments are right channel (right ear) audio only, and #AskCW vids have had audio in the left channel only. As someone who most often listens/watches these segments in the car, or...
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    Re: ISU Football & Unrealistic Expectations

    Yep, he sure is. About as good at coaching and developing players as many are with spelling his name after 7 years of practice. No low-tier recruits will ever overachieve with Paul leading the way....
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    Re: Mangino OUT as OC. Sturdy is the guy!

    The simple truth is this was an abrupt departure. There's no room for criticism of how it was handled, or if the decision was right/wrong. This was not a calculated move by Rhoads. And it does not...
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    Re: Mangino OUT as OC. Sturdy is the guy!

    Finally someone else is considering this outcome. I will have a good chuckle if with our Sturdy(Rhoads)-run offense we now see Sam + WR screens the remainder of the year, while Lanning rides the pine.
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    Re: Mangino OUT as OC. Sturdy is the guy!

    Who needs costly professional job recruiters to find qualified candidates? is your largest source on the web to fill all of your public relations expert and social media manager...
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    Re: Student BreakTickets

    I completely spaced out on the sale until about 10AM (2 hours after going on sale). The only game I tried was Baylor since it was the only weekend game, and it looks like they were selling well. I...
  11. Re: If we get a new coach he should be a HC from a sucessful mid-major

    Damn the man, you beat me to it. Anyway, +10 to this ^. The Brohm-ance with the Prohm-an Empire on the same campus would be legendary (at least for headlines).
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    Re: CFTV: Rhoads on TTU, looks ahead to TCU

    One would hope delivering a short and sweet message to the tune of a gut check for "all of us" would be some simple coach speak to smooth over that rough weekend and move onto TCU. Though it seems...
  13. Re: I want Iowa State to blitz all out early against TCU Saturday

    How about we roll with Co-Head Player Coaches for these next few weeks, locking Paul, Wally, and Co. completely out of the stadium on game day. Levi Peters as defensive play caller, Lalk calls the...
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    Re: CFTV: Rhoads on TTU, looks ahead to TCU

    Coach has 2 days to get a clear head and shows up for a Monday press conference to call out Sam, call out Netten, and tell his entire team they are playing scared and unprepared. Meanwhile he gives...
  15. Thread: Group hug?

    by GetAwesome

    Re: Group hug?

    Trolling JP on twitter is all we have left for entertainment this football season. Perhaps we organize a fan base-wide effort to see which happens first:

    1) JP sets the record for most blocked...
  16. Re: We may be ISU, but at least we aren't...

    That team and QB had a top 5 team on the ropes until the final minute. I'll take a mental mistake like that any day over what our coaches put on the field each game day.
  17. Re: Every other B12 team is showing improvement. And while we are "better",

    I wonder what kind of thrill our fan base would receive to witness in our football program actual player development year in and year out, and win or lose, for once see a complete (offensive and...
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    Re: Iowa State needs to go after Chip Kelly!



    Are we doing this right? I think we're doing this right.
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    Re: How can the offensive line be that bad?

    I rewatched the Iowa game a few times now, and aside from just a few misreads I noticed on the zone blocking assignments, I was actually impressed with the consistency of the O-line's performance, on...
  20. Re: When are we going to take a look at Shae Mitchell?

    Solid freshman video he has.

    I'm sure the staff is laying plenty of recruiting groundwork for future classes, but considering the fact Shae is still 3 years out is probably fairly solid reasoning...
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