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    Re: COLUMN: Hire Seneca and Sage as assistants

    I'm kind of surprised that Todd Blythe has not been mentioned to be a WR coach ...... ? Especially since he does have experience coaching with his time at UNI.
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    Re: Royce White to semi pro league

    So I'm a big fan of Royce's and I hope the best for him and hope he finally looks like the player he can be. So I'll throw this out for debate I guess. With Fizer in town to be inducted into the...
  3. Re: Possibilities of Charlie Strong coming to ISU

    I was actually talking to a player that graduated last year that is from Texas at the UNI game as we were seeing Texas getting their butt kicked and I asked him what the deal was with why they suck...
  4. Re: Lets do what we do best in bad seasons and win the tailgate!

    I'm with you lets still enjoy what we can and still do tailgating right and have fun!!!!! Fireball is sounding so good this time of year.
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    Re: OUR team !!!!!!!

    I'm sure we will have a few more games that we are probably going to get blown out in this year , maybe this wasn't the worse yet. But I'm not talking about people calling out players just on here. I...
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Will you?

    I will because I'm a cyclone fan regardless who the coach is , been a fan all my life why switch now to being just a fair weather fan like a lot of people now all of a sudden.
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    OUR team !!!!!!!

    I just need to get this off my chest. I really didn't know how to title this , but here we go sorry this might get long.

    I usually stay off of here when we have losses for both personal thoughts...
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    Re: Jake McDonough's song Comin thru

    That worked great thanks a bunch!
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    Jake McDonough's song Comin thru

    Does anyone know where you can find that on iTunes or somewhere else to buy that song Jake McDonough did with 816 Boyz Comin Thru. The only way I know where to find it and listen to it is on YouTube....
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    Re: Family/kid friendly tailgate

    It has always been fun for our kids to hit it up a few times every year if we can break away from our tailgate in enough time before going into the game. My kids are 9 & 6, they usually get their...
  11. Re: Thinking about taking our camper to vet med ?

    I just drove by it all and i saw some campers sitting at the old kmart parking lot so i would assume they are there waiting to go in at 5:30.
  12. Thinking about taking our camper to vet med ?

    has anyone ever done this ? I read that the vet med lot opens at 5:30 tonight . How early will i need to be there before 5:30 and how hard is it to get a spot and what is it like staying the night...
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    Re: images from UNI-Iowa State game

    Here was my view from the Jacobson
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    The Hit tapes

    I don't know about the rest of you but I really miss the Hit tape videos we got to look forward to every Thursday before a game. Really when they stopped putting them out is when we started this bad...
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    My son's Georges Niang birthday party

    So long story short ..... My son is turning 6 and a huge Iowa State fan and when we asked him what kind of birthday he would like to have this year he keeps saying he wants to have a Georges Niang...
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    Re: ISU employment

    Here is what i found.
  17. Re: Raise your hand if you have not received your season tickets yet

    I'm getting nervous as well , i just live north of ames and everyone that i know that gets season tickets have received them already and i have not yet seen mine.
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    Re: Your wild plane ride stories, please

    I've landed both is Key west and st. marteen, and key west was way worse for the size of a plane we were in. The pilot all of a sudden comes on saying if you have never landed in key west to be ready...
  19. Re: I thought CF owned online voting. We can make Cy win but not Melvin or Hallie?

    done and done
  20. Re: ESPN - "Cyclones don't figure to have much fan support in KC."

    Maybe i'm not reading it right but did they edit that part out of us not having any fans there?
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